Alertness is the ability to notice things that are going on in one’s vicinity, with or without actively searching for them. Most Alertness rolls pair this Ability with Perception, and it generally applies to physical stimuli rather than matters of mood, the soul and so on.

• Novice: You’re seldom taken completely by surprise.
•• Practiced: Wihspers do not go unheard in your vicinity.
••• Competent: You maintain a constant vigil.
•••• Expert: Few hidden things are safe around you.
••••• Master: Your senses push the boundaries of human potential and rival those of the beasts of the field.

  • Possessed by: Burglars, Hunters, Messengers, Sentries, Tramps.
  • Specialties: Ambushes, Angelic/Demonic Manifestations, Crowds, Forests, Noises, Paranoia, Traps.