Animal Ken

Animal Ken is an understanding of beasts’ actions and desires. It allows one to predict their behavior, control them in difficult situations and train them.

• Novice: You work well with domesticated animals.
•• Practiced: You understand the ways of all the animals that are common in your vicinity, and you can train those species most susceptible to it, such as horses and dogs.
••• Competent: You’re a skilled hunter and tracker, and you work well even with difficult animals. Everyone in the area knows you’re the one to come to when there’s animal trouble.
•••• Expert: No domesticatd animal resist your will, and most wild beasts regard you with at least some good will.
••••• Master: People compare your spiritual harmony with animals to Saint Francis’s.

  • Possessed by: Cavalry, Falconers, Grooms, Hermits, Kennel Masters, Lords.
  • Specialties: Bears, Birds of Prey, Dogs, Farm animals, Fish, Horses, Rodents, Snakes.