Crafts is a catch-all Ability covering skill at making and fixing things with your hands and ecaluating such work by others. Skilled craftsmen produce works known for their beauty as well as their utility. You must choose a field of expertise when you first purchase Crafts and buy additional ones with experience or bonus points within standard limits (see p. 142.) You can use Crafts outside your field(s) of expertise to undertake basic repairs and evaluate the craftsmanship and condition of an object, but not to build anything new. Doing so is considered acting without the required Ability.
In the Dark Medieval, the Crafts Skill covers what will in later centuries become applied sciences such as engineering. Architecture, metallurgy and so on are all fields of expertise under Crafts.

• Novice: You can repair broken goods and make gear that more or less does what it’s supposed to do.
•• Practiced: You can attend to the needs of people in your immediate vicinity for the craft you know.
••• Competent: You can make a good living as an artisan or craftsman, and you enjoy the respect of all who call on your services.
•••• Expert: You routinely make excellent goods that are treasured widely for their elegance and durability.
••••• Master: You’re one of the leading craftsmen in your field, and you can pick and choose from clients across several countries.

  • Possessed by: Artisans, Farmers, Ladies, Pilgrims, Soldiers, Townsfolk.
  • Specialties: Architecture, Armory, Blacksmithing, Boat-Building, Jewelry, Masonry, Sewing & Embroidery, Woodworking, etc.