Dodge is the ability to get out of harm’s way whether in combat or in the face of other sorts of danger. It encompasses the use of cover and agile maneuvering, and it comes from the systematic training of a knight or the rough-and-ready experience and instincts of a thief or brawler. Dodge plays a crucial role in the survival of any character who fights often, greatly increasing his chances of escaping damage.

• Novice: You reflexively avoid minor sources of injury and show a measure of grace in your movements.
•• Practiced: You’re hard to hurt unless someone or something catches you by surprise.
••• Competent: It takes serious effort for an opponent to hit you; you get out of the way of most thrown objects as well as immediate dangers.
•••• Expert: Only skilled warriros can expect to hurt you very much.
••••• Master: Wherever a threat is, you’re almost inevitably somewhere else.

  • Possessed by: Animal Trainers, Brawlers, Criminals, Hunters, Scouts, Soldiers.
  • Specialties: Backstep, Dive, Duck, Find Cover, Horseback, Leap, Sidestep.