Legerdemain is ability to perform feats of manual dexterity, ranging from picking a purse from a belt, to juggling and feats of trickery such as palming objects. It encompasses the stealth and concealment involved in using that dexterity without being noticed, such as when palming an object or performing a conjuring trick.

• Novice: You’ve sometimes taken very small items when nobody was looking and gotten away with it.
•• Practiced: You can rob alms boxes and steal from blind beggars with impunity, and you are good enouhg at sleight-of-hand to entertain local gatherings.
••• Competent: You can gracefully make off with nearly anything that isn’t nailed down, and you have the polished manner of a professional entertainer, even if that’s not your chosen livelihood.
•••• Expert: When you perform your tricks, they seem genuinely supernatural to most observers.
••••• Master: People wonder if perhaps supernatural powers are performing the thefts you commit, thanks to your audacity and the lack of any clues left behind.

  • Possessed by: Beggars, Jesters, Minstrels, Robbers.
  • Specialties: Concealment, Conjuring Tricks, Juggling, Picking Purses.