Perception is the ability to accurately sense one’s environment. It combines keen senses with the intuitive grasp of what may or may not be significant, without needing to pause for labored analysis. It contributes to efforts at concealment and finding what others have concealed, as well as preparing for and defending against ambushes and to interpreting clues.

• Poor. You may be bright but self-absorbed or simply unattentive.
•• Average. Subtlety may elude you, but you don’t miss the obvious, and you can do all right with the obscure if you have time and good circumstances.
••• Good. You’re aware of your environment in significant detail without having to strain at it.
•••• Exceptional. Little can remain hidden from you when you choose to find it. You see all things clearly.
••••• Outstanding. The book of the world opens its every page to you.