Ride is the ability to travel astride a horse or other riding animal, keeping it under control in varying circumstances. Experienced riders can fight from horseback, tend horses’ common ailments and evaluate the quality of their mounts and related gear. See p.244 for the details of fighting on horseback.

• Novice: You can get around on a good mount so long as things don’t get complicated.
•• Practiced: You can hunt, chase and sustain long rides safely, if not always comfortably.
••• Competent: Horses hold very few surprises for you, and you can fight from horseback without penalty.
•••• Expert: You can engage in fancy stunts and keep your horse calm and healthy in the midst of dangerous, rapidly changing situations. You’re the one who gets called on when most people fall and fail.
••••• Master: Alexander the Great and his Bucephalas were no closer than you are with your favored steeds, as troubadours routinely remind their audiences.

  • Possessed by: Circuit Officials, Crusaders, Huntsmen, Knights, Merchants, Messengers, Nobles, Travelers.
  • Specialties: Combat,Forest, Jumping, Speed, Stealth, Stunts.