Virtue and Vice

Virtue and Vice are traits that are central to defining your character. Both are adjectives that describe these dominant personality traits. Virtue is a point of strength and integrity in the character’s life, Vice is a place of weakness. You’re always tempted by your Vice, and surrendering to this temptation always refreshes 1 spent Willpower point (up to 1 per scene).
Being virtuous is always harder than giving in to your Vice, so whenever you follow your Virtue at personal risk, your entire spent Willpower points refresh.

Sample Virtues: Generous, Just, Loyal, Ambitious, Courageous, Honest, Hopeful, Loving, Patient

Sample Vices: Arrogant, Competitive, Greedy, Addictive, Corrupt, Cruel, Deceitful, Dogmatic, Hasty, Hateful