Critical Injury

Då vi fann originallistan rätt trist testar vi att göra om den lite och få fler och mer varierande resultat.

After taking damage while Impaired and after
converting it, roll a d10 on the Critical Injury table,
adding the number of Aggravated damage
points currently on the track to the roll. This can
lead to further penalties (or even instant death),
tracked independently of the abstract damage
on the Health Track.

  1. Stunned – Pay a point of Willpower or lose a turn.
  2. Knocked Out (Mortal) / Stun as above (Vampire)
  3. Broken jaw – unable to speak until it heals (if ever)
  4. Broken fingers – Actions like brawl and melee at -2
  5. Eyes gouged – Vision-based rolls at -3
  6. Flesh wound – Mortal takes one wound per turn bleeding, Vampires needs to roll for hunger
  7. Concussed – Dexterity rolls -2; Mental rolls -2
  8. Broken limb or joint – Dexterity rolls-2; Athletics at -4
  9. Skull fracture – Dexterity rolls -2; Mental rolls at -4
  10. Gutted stomach – Humans all rolls at -2, Vampire at -1 and roll for hunger
  11. Massive wound – All rolls at -3
  12. Crippled – Limb lost or mangled beyond use
  13. Broken back – Paralysing or even leathal damage for Mortal, immediate Torpor (Vampire)
  14. Leathal wound to the body – Death (Mortal) or immediate Torpor (Vampire)
  15. Pierced heart – Instant death for Mortal,  immediate Torpor (Vampire)
  16. (and above) Decapitation – Instant death for Mortal and Vampires alike.