TC1, Act 2

…Svarog, Byelobog and Chief among them, the demongod Kupala, whose offspring infuse the very soil with madness. His heart ripped asunder, the demon is said to rest beneath the carpathans. Haunting the lands and spreading his corruption to all who touch upon his dread demense. It is whispered that the demon sleeps gaining strength to rise in terrible wrath when at he awakens. His burning malice is aoon in the creation of a legendary blood red bloom, known as the sacred fire of Kupala. With it, sorceres may bind or loose demons.

The cult dedicataded to this abhorrent spririt gifts the demon with sacrafices, slaying babies for their pure and innocent blood which the demon consumes. Thus fortifide Kupalas corruption spreads even farther, trailing lunacy in its wake. The quaking of the earth, the foul rains and lightnings that destroy crops and homes, great windstroms that tears the field and forests assunder, all speak these speaks with the demons voice. May god grant that we discover….

Hear me! thought I long ago warned you, thou hast done nothing to quell the demons awakening! The first signs has fulfillment and yet you wait. Will you remain idle while the lands heart is ripped from its bleeding chest? He stirs and with him, the ancient ones groan upon their stony beds, their hunger shrieking for our vitae. The loss of a holy land, the breaking of a holy order, and the downfall of a mighty magus. The sign has come, the first of those that lead to ever blackness and death eternal. You stand within the whirlwind. Seven more remain, what cannot be stopped most be transformed. On you rests our redemption or destruction. Do not fail me again!

”And there shall come to pass a loss of holy land, the breaking of holy order and the downfall of a mighty magus”.

Holy land – Levant kallas för Holy land för crusaders. Förlorades 1291.

Holy order Knight Templars ledare dödades av Inqusationen

”The passing of years and the fires of the rightous shall bring upon us a parting of kin, on from the other. THe children shall revile their parents, slaying them in their beds, and brother shall unite brother”.

Jag ber att eskortera en bekant till mig genom detta farliga land. Till Tremere chantyt Ceoris, och försäkra mig att han levande kommer fram. Jag bifogar tjänare att sköta resan, men de saknar de vampyriska krafterna att verkligen skydda honom helt. Jag vet att många önskar honom illa, främst de av mitt eget blod.Han får under inga omständigheter dödas eller rymma då det är av yttersta vikt att han säkert kommer fram till de sina. Gör mig denna tjänst och eran skuld är betald.
Mycas Vykos.