The Deceiver

You were in love. You finally met Mr. Right. Your future was certain, the wedding was planned, and everyone felt
you were perfect for each other. Then one day, your beloved disappeared along with your bank account and all your
jewelry. You were another target of the Deceiver.
Deceivers are manipulative people who fool others into trusting them to deprive them of money or services. They
are masters of masking their true intentions and feelings, and can become exactly the person their victims want.
Deceivers leave a trail of bitter enemies in their wake. When their past catches up to them, it often ends in tragedy.


Choose your Deceiver’s occupation from the list below, or invent
one of your choosing.
Model, Between jobs, Catfisher, Lover, Escort, Heir(ess), Jetsetter,
Party animal, Secretary, Party planner, Marriage swindler, Con
artist, Gigolo, Scammer, Thief, Snitch, Pornstar.


Choose 1 or more Dark Secrets. Suggestions:
◊◊Mental Illness
◊◊Occult Experience
◊◊Pact with Dark Powers
◊◊Victim of Crime


Choose 2 Disadvantages. Suggestions:
◊◊Sexual Neurosis


Choose 3 Advantages from the list below.
◊◊Erotic (Charisma)
◊◊Impostor (Charisma)
◊◊Seducer (Charisma)
◊◊Backstab (Coolness)
◊◊Eye for Detail (Perception)
◊◊Intuitive (Intuition)
◊◊Grudge (–)
◊◊Manipulative (–)


Assign the modifiers +2, +1, and +0 to the three passive
attributes: Fortitude, Reflexes, and Willpower.
Assign the modifiers +3, +2, +1, +1, +0, −1, and −2 to the
seven active attributes: Charisma, Coolness, Intuition,
Perception, Reason, Soul, and Violence.


Select or come up with your own distinguishing features for your
Clothes: Tight-fitting, designer, sexy, revealing, bohemian,
stylish, trendy, proper, peacockish, exclusively-cut, distressed,
or attention-grabbing clothes.
Face: Elfin, handsome, neotenic, youthful, chiseled, defined,
soft, round, gorgeous, innocent, dignified, or cheerful face.
Eyes: Mischievous, twinkling, intense, vulnerable, innocent,
pretty, understanding, friendly, large, penetrating, or warm
Body: Slim, sexy, masculine, curvy, towering, sensual, voluptuous,
petite, toned, youthful, hearty, tall, short, thin, or wiry


Choose a name for your character, suitable to the locale in
which the campaign is set.


Everyone introduces their character by name, looks, and
personality. Take your turn. Write down the other player
characters’ names. Go around the table again to establish
your Relations.
If you know any of the other player characters from before,
choose one of these options to establish the relationship
between the two of you.
◊◊One of the characters helped you kill one of your
many enemies. Take +1 Relation with them.
◊◊One of the characters knows one of your
◊◊One of the characters met you during a rare
moment when you were your true self.
◊◊One of the characters is your current
victim. They take +2 Relation with you.
◊◊One of the characters is attracted to
you. They take +1 Relation with
Decide the nature of three additional
Relations: One neutral (0), one
meaningful (+1), and one vital