The Descendant

Blood, soul and heritage weigh heavy on The Descendant’s shoulders. She is an offspring
of some mythic ancestor, a now dead family, a lost god, chosen by a dark cult or maybe
the heir of some unknown power. It is the past that haunts The Descendant – the Sins of
the Fathers. It may be dark pacts, servitude to demons, or a still lingering upbringing filled
with abuse and violence. No matter where The Descendant goes or hides, her past will
eventually catch up to her.


Choose your Descendant’s occupation from the list below, or invent
one of your choosing.
Antiquarian, Aristocrat, Author, Homeless, Tattoo artist, Occultist,
Sect escapee, Preacher, Heir, Unemployed, Office worker,
Craftsman, Forester.


Choose 1 or more Dark Secrets. Suggestions:
◊◊Family Secret
◊◊Occult Experience
◊◊Pact with Dark Powers


Choose 2 Disadvantages. Suggestions:
◊◊Repressed Memories


Choose 3 Advantages from the list below.
◊◊Influential Friends (Charisma)
◊◊Intuitive (Intuition)
◊◊Occult Library (Reason)
◊◊Artifact (Soul)
◊◊Bound (Soul)
◊◊Enhanced Awareness (Soul)
◊◊Inner Power (Soul)
◊◊Watchers (–)


Assign the modifiers +2, +1, and +0 to the three passive attributes:
Fortitude, Reflexes, and Willpower.
Assign the modifiers +3, +2, +1, +1, +0, −1, and −2 to the other
seven active attributes: Charisma, Coolness, Intuition, Perception, Reason, Soul, and Violence.


Select or come up with your own distinguishing features for your
Clothes: Old fashioned clothes, casual, ragged and worn, tailored
suit, layer upon layer, odd, or black clothes.
Face: Childish, sharp, sorrowful, scarred, dishonest, sickly,
pretty, pronounced, tense, or round face.
Eyes: Tired, indifferent, anxious, intense, suspicious, fearless,
innocent, restless, cunning, or sad eyes.
Body: Weak, strong, bony, small, sickly, slender, athletic, big,
spindly, hunched, stiff, or lean body,


Choose a name for your character, suitable to the locale in
which the campaign is set.


Everyone introduces their character by name, looks, and
personality. Take your turn. Write down the other player characters’
names. Go around the table again to work out your
If you know any of the other player characters from before,
choose one of these options to establish the relationship
between the two of you.
◊◊One of the characters grew up alongside you.
Take +2 Relation to one another.
◊◊One of the characters has seen what is hunting
you. Take +1 Relation to them.
◊◊You are secretly in love with one of the
characters. Take +2 Relation to them.
◊◊One of the characters is your contact
◊◊One of the characters is intertwined
with your dark secrets.
Take +1 Relation with them.
Decide the nature of three additional
Relations: one neutral
(0), one meaningful (+1),
and one vital (+2).