Det finns 9 olika Attributer. Uppdelade i tre kategorier: Physical, Social & Mental. Physical Strenght Dexterity Stamina Social Charisma Manipulation … More


Wits is the capacity for quick thinking: not necessarily for brilliant intellectual reaosning or even for careful appraisal of the … More


Intelligence includes a character’s ability to master facts and knowledge, recall them at need and put them together to produce … More


Perception is the ability to accurately sense one’s environment. It combines keen senses with the intuitive grasp of what may … More


Appearance is the sum of all the factors that make an individual attractive to others. Physical beauty is part of … More


Manipulation is the quality of expressing oneself in ways that get others to agree, even if they don’t necessarily trust … More


Charisma is the mysterious quality that lets one person impress and please others through force of personality. Charisma plays a … More


Stamina includes overall health, toughness and resilience. Characters with high Stamina can take more damage in and out of combat, … More


Dexterity covers the qualities of physical prowess apart from strength, such as speed, agility, coordination and so on. The ability … More


Strength is a character’s innate muscle power, governing how much he can lift and how hard he can hit. Strength … More