Wits is the capacity for quick thinking: not necessarily for brilliant intellectual reaosning or even for careful appraisal of the environment, but rapid response based on available information and survival instinct. It also contributes to more deliberate efforts to idenfity clever courses of action and ways around others’ defenses and recall precisely the necessary datum at the key moment.

• Poor. Your jokes fall flat and you’re the lats to notice.
•• Average. You get through life without too many unpleasant surprises.
••• Good. You’re quick on the uptake, and you often get the best of others when speed is essential.
•••• Exceptional. You’re the one who makes everyone else think, ”I wish I’d thought of that.”
••••• Outstanding. You have the Psalmist’s gift for the appropriate response for every occasion.


Intelligence includes a character’s ability to master facts and knowledge, recall them at need and put them together to produce new insights. Problem-solving and logic lie within the domain of Intelligence. It does not include common sense, moral judgement or other useful qualities, and the clever but inept scholar is as much a medieval stereotype as a modern one. Depending on the individual, low Intelligence many indicate actual impairment in mental faculties or poor use of one’s potential.

• Poor. If you’re not actually a half-wit, surely you have less than one full wit.
•• Average. You’re remarkable, and you manage to get through life without too much bewilderment.
••• Good. You’re insightful, and you can count on making sense of many mysteries.
•••• Exceptional. You learn much, forget little and routinely make innovations in your chosen field.
••••• Outstanding. You’re a latter-day Solomon or Odysseus.


Perception is the ability to accurately sense one’s environment. It combines keen senses with the intuitive grasp of what may or may not be significant, without needing to pause for labored analysis. It contributes to efforts at concealment and finding what others have concealed, as well as preparing for and defending against ambushes and to interpreting clues.

• Poor. You may be bright but self-absorbed or simply unattentive.
•• Average. Subtlety may elude you, but you don’t miss the obvious, and you can do all right with the obscure if you have time and good circumstances.
••• Good. You’re aware of your environment in significant detail without having to strain at it.
•••• Exceptional. Little can remain hidden from you when you choose to find it. You see all things clearly.
••••• Outstanding. The book of the world opens its every page to you.


Appearance is the sum of all the factors that make an individual attractive to others. Physical beauty is part of it, but so are one’s implicit attitudes, the subtle cues of body movement and poise and many other less obvious features.

• Poor. You’re ugly by the standards of your own society and those of many others.
•• Average. You’re inconspicuous.
••• Good. You attract favorable attention almost everywhere you go.
•••• Exceptional. You stand out in nearly any crowd, for good and ill.
••••• Outstanding. People routinely compare you to a demigod or angel incarnate.


Manipulation is the quality of expressing oneself in ways that get others to agree, even if they don’t necessarily trust the character. Where Charisma brings allegiance, Manipulation brings obedience in the present moment, with or without lasting affiliation. Note that Manipulation isn’t necessarily dishonest: People can and do use rhetorical tricks in the service of causes that they genuinely believe in.

• Poor. You have a hard time sounding sincere even when you are.
•• Average. You can persuade and be persuaded about as easily as anyone else.
••• Good. You’re accustomed to getting your way.
•••• Exceptional. You have the makings of a good preacher or inquisitor.
••••• Outstanding. Your words move all who hear them to aid your cause, and you speak with divine (or demonic) charm.


Charisma is the mysterious quality that lets one person impress and please others through force of personality. Charisma plays a part in efforts to win others’ trust and sympathy, and to bring them into alignment with the character’s own views and goals.

• Poor. Even your best moments contain many minor gaffes.
•• Average. You seldom give unintended offense, and you enjoy reasonable social standing among your peers and neighbors.
••• Good. People trust you and enjoy your company without always realizing how much of your outlook they’re adopting.
•••• Exceptional. You naturally lead whatever group you’re in.
••••• Outstanding. You have the confidence of the blessed.


Stamina includes overall health, toughness and resilience. Characters with high Stamina can take more damage in and out of combat, and they recover more quickly from the injuries they do suffer.

• Poor. Your existence is a constant parade of minor (and major) miseries. In life, you got hurt easily and healed slowly.
•• Average. You’re of average health.
••• Good. In life, you seldom succumbed to the illness sweeping around you. In unlife, you resist injury better than many vampires.
•••• Exceptional. You keep going in the face of challenges that exhaust others.
••••• Outstanding. Perhaps Adam and Eve were this vigorous before the Fall.


Dexterity covers the qualities of physical prowess apart from strength, such as speed, agility, coordination and so on. The ability to hit things at a distance and to move gracefully both depend on Dexterity.

• Poor. You are always awkward and often clumsy.
•• Average. You get through life without too many embarassing accidents.
••• Good. You move with notable grace, and you can do well at the athletic efforts that attract your interest.
•••• Exceptional: You could be a professional tumbler or other acrobat, and you have the reflexes to make an outstanding warrior.
••••• Outstanding. You have the constant grace of a demigod.


Strength is a character’s innate muscle power, governing how much he can lift and how hard he can hit. Strength is the Attribute that can provides damage dice for most combat feats, as well as for leaps, shoves and the like.

• Poor. You can lift 40 lbs.
•• Average. You can lift 100 lbs.
••• Good. You can lift 250 lbs.
•••• Exceptional. You can lift 400 lbs.
••••• Outstanding. You lift 650 lbs.; you routinely break the bones of (and otherwise intimidate) anyone who gets in your way.