Backgrounds during Downtime

Jag tänkte att vi adopterar maturation systemet från Transylvania Chronicles, och förenklar det till Experience points istället.

Antal poäng avgörs hur långt ”hoppet” är från datumet vi spelade sist, till datumet där vi börjar igen. Poängen är betydligt lägre än om vi skulle spelat tiden år för år, och detta är för att detta är vad vi kallar downtime. En tid då saker är aningen lugnare för era karaktärer än vad det är under spelträffarna.

Här är en enkel fingervisning på ungefär hur mycket exp som rekommenderas via böckerna:

10-100 år ger 1-15 poäng
101-250 år ger 16-25 poäng
251-500 år ger 26-40 poäng

Dessa experience points kan användas som vanligt men även till att slå på följande tabeller för att öka backgrounds, något som vanligtvis inte går att använda Experience till.
Ett slag sker med 1T10 och kostar 3 Experience points. Man får om man vill spendera extra 1 eller 2 poäng för att få plus på tärningen, till en max total kostnad per slag på 5 poäng.


1-2: Disaster. Lose one Ally.
3-5: No change
6-9: Gain one Ally
10: gain two Allies.


1-2: Disaster. Lose one Contact.
3-5: No change
6-9: Gain one Contact
10: gain two Contacts.


1-2: Disaster. Lose one point of Herd.
3-5: No change
6-9: Gain one point of Herd.
10: gain two points of Herd.


1-2: Catastrophe. Lose two points of Resources.
3-4: Disaster. Lose one point of Resources.
5-6: No change
7-9: Gain one point of Resources.
10: Gain two points of Resources.


1-2: Catastrophe. Lose two points of Status.
3-4: Disaster. Lose one point of Status.
5-7: No change
8-10: Gain one point of Status.


Retainers finns inte med på listorna ovan. Det är för vampyr ganska lätt att skaffa sig en ny Ghoul om man vill, men som SL godkänner jag max 5 ghouls per karaktär, samt att dessa ghouls ska vara fullständiga karaktärer för att introduceras i krönikan.
Dvs Namn, en kort beskrivning på bakgrund och karaktärsdrag, samt stats.
Det är upp till er spelare att skapa dessa mellan spelmötena så de kan presenteras vid behov under spelens gång. 


You have built a group of mortals from whom you can feed without fear. A herd may take many forms, from circles of kinky clubgoers to actual cults built around you as a god-figure. In addition to providing nourishment, you herd might come in handy for minor tasks, although they are typically not very controllable, closely connected to you or even highly skilled (for more effective pawns, purchase Allies or Retainers).

  1. Three vessels
  2. Seven vessels
  3. 15 vessels
  4. 30 vessels
  5. 60 vessels


Not precisely allies or contacts, your retainers are servents, assistants or other people who are your loyal and steadfast companions. Many vampires’ servants are ghouls – their supernatural powers and blood bond-enforced loyalty make them the servants of choice. Retainers may also be people whom you’ve repeatedly Dominated until they have no free will left, or followers so enthralled with your Presence that their loyalty borders on blind fanaticism. Some vampires, particularly those with the Animalism Discipline, use ”hellhounds” (ghouled dogs) or other animal ghouls as retainers.

You must maintain some control over your retainers, whether through a salary, the gift of your vitae or the use of Disciplines. Retainers are never ”blindly loyal no matter what” – if you treat them too poorly without exercising strict control, they might well turn on you.

Retainers may be useful, but they should never be flawless. A physically powerful ghoul may be rebellious, inconveniently dull-witted or lacking in practical skills. A loyal manservant might be physically weak or possess no real personal initiative or creativity. This Background isn’t an excuse to craft an unstoppable bodyguard or pet assassin – it’s a method to bring more fully developed characters into the chronicle, as well as to reflect the Renfieldesque followers for which the Kindred are notorious. Don’t abuse it.

  1. One retainer
  2. Two retainers
  3. Three retainers
  4. Four retainers
  5. Five retainers


Złoty (zł – Złote Polskie) är den valuta som används i Polen i vår krönika. Valutakoden är PLZ. 1 złoty (pluralform 2-4 złote, 4+ złotych) = 100 groszy (singularform grosz, pluralform 2-4 grosze, 4+ groszy). Złoty har fått sitt namn efter det polska ordet złoto som betyder ”guld”.

This Trait describes your personal financial resources, or your access to such. A high Resources rating doesn’t necessarily reflect your liquid assets; this Background describes your standard of ”living,” your possessions and your buying power. No dots in Resources is just that: You have no permanent haven and no possessions save a few clothes and possibly a weapon or pocketful of coins.

You receive a basic allowance each month based on your rating; be certain to detail exactly where this money comes from, be it a job, trust fund or dividends. After all, your fortune may well run out over the course of the chronicle, depending on how well you maintain it. You can also sell your less liquid resources if you need the cash, but this can take weeks or even months, depending on what exactly you’re trying to sell. Art buyers don’t just pop out of the woodwork, after all.

●○○○○ Small savings: You have several weeks paid for in a local lodging house. Whatever you own probably travels with you, possibly including heirlooms and the like. If your assets were liquidated, you would have about 1 Złoty. Allowance of 30 Groszy per month.

●●○○○ Middle class: A flat in a terraced building. If your assets were liquidated, you would have at least 20 Złoty. Allowance of 1 Złoty per month.

●●●○○ Bourgeois: A townhouse of a detached country home. If your assets were liquidated, you would have at least 500 Złoty. Allowance of 15 Złoty per month.

●●●●○ Well-off: A member of the upper class. You have a lavish townhouse or a sprawling country estate. If your assets were liquidated, you would have at least 10.000 Złoty. Allowance of 200 Złoty per month

●●●●● Tremendously affluent: An esteemed landowner with generations of accumulated wealth. You may have multiple townhouses and estates throughout poland and the continent. You will be expected to demonstrate your wealth. If your assets were liquidated, you would have at least 50.000 Złoty. Allowance of 500 Złoty per month.