Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood koder

Cheat Codes

In the gameplay make sure any one of your characters is standing and point your mouse towards the kneeling icon. Press F11 and you will get the console. Type the following codes for their corresponding effects:

Code Effect
GOODLUCK Add Cloverleafs to the campaign
BINGO Gives all your characters 999 ammo
CASH Gives more money
MERRYMAN Gives you one extra merry man
IMMUNITY Gives your characters invunlerability
NUKE Kills all opponents
HADES Kills selected enemy
PAM Makes all enemies ineffective in melee combat
HIGHLANDER 2 Makes all enemies invincible
HIGHLANDER Makes all party characters invincible
GOLDENEYE Makes all party characters invisible
UNBLIP See all characters on the map
BUD SPENCER Stuns all opponents
WINNER Win the mission

Fallout 3 – Koder

player.additem base_id amount – add item to your inventory, at full health.
for instance:

player.additem CB547 1

– add Vengeance to your inventory.

Boogeyman’s Hood – 0008F775

Book: Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual (Sneak) – 00034045

Book: Dean’s Electronics (Repair) – 0003403D

Book: Pugilism Illustrated (Unarmed) – 0003403F

Book: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor (Barter) – 00034042

Book: Tumblers Today (Lockpicking) – 00034046

Deathclaw Gauntlet – 0000432B

Ghoulmask – 0001DC1C

Lucky Shades – 000CB54B

Maple’s Garb – 0005A6CA

Oasis Druid Hood – 0009B18A