Starcraft II koder

Press ENTER to bring up the console. Enter the following codes for the desired effect. Warning: Entering cheat codes disables Achievements until you start a new game OR lode an earlier save.

terribleterribledamage – God Mode
moredotsmoredots – Free Units (no resources needed)
realmendrilldeep – 5,000 Gas
whysoserious – 5,000,000 Credits
jaynestown – Resources granted
tyuhasleftthegame – Disable victory conditions
sosayweall – Disable tech requirements
eyeofsauron – Open cutscene menu
iamironman – Upgrade Weapons, Armor and Shields by 1
overengineeredcodpiece – Plays the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain (Blizzard employee band) song ”Terran up the Night”
hanshotfirst – Disable Ability Cooldown
stroaksmolts – 5,000 Minerals
smoldersbolds – 5,000 Minerals and Gas
ypoonsvoicemail – Disable defeat conditions
mintmansoperator – Disable food requirements
nevergiveupneversurrender – Disable defeat conditions
reversingnazaire / basestarsprimative – Fast building
fsbcomunicacion – Fast Heal
sawnoutofmemory – Fog of War disabled
cadeasygoin – Lose the current game
lyingpect – Mission Select
furabranchery – Opensthe UNN broadcast menu
wapboinkers – Research points
cmethodfeedback – Win current game
qrotero – Disable time of day
dzmhairspring – 5000 Custom resources
= – Re-enter the last cheat

StarCraft II: Lost Viking Cheat List
While playing the space shooter minigame on the Hyperian, Lost Viking, open the chat box with ENTER and enter these codes for the desired effect.

-score X – Add X number of points to score
-ADDLIFE – Add one life
-mb – Change the background
-LEVELCLEAR – Complete the current level
-ss – Display ”Boss Incoming” message
sine – Display the sine of three angles: 180, 90, and pi (GEEKY!)
-BONUS – End the map
-NOQUIT – Hide the ”Quit” button
-BOSS – Make the boss appear
behind – Summon a wave of enemies
-LIFE – Set number of lives to 10
-end – Play the ending cinematic
-pu – Spawn a power-up at the center of the screen

Starcraft koder

show me the money – 10,000 Minerals and Gas

breathe deep – 500 Gas

whats mine is mine – 500 Minerals

medieval man – All Research Abilities

modify the phase variance – Build Anything

ophelia – Enable Mission Select

operation cwal – Faster Building

the gathering – Free Unit Spells/Abilities

game over man – Instant Loss

there is no cow level – Instant Win

power overwhelming – Invincibility

Terran<mission number> 
– Jumps to the corresponding mission for the Human.

Protoss<mission number>
 – Jumps to the corresponding mission for the Protoss.

Zerg<mission number>
 – Jumps to the corresponding mission for the Zerg.

staying alive – Keep Playing After Mission End

food for thought – No Supply Limit

something for nothing – One Level Unit Attack and Defense Upgrade

noglues – Opponent has no psionics

radio free zerg – Play Secret Zerg Song

war aint what it used to be
 – Remove Fog of War

black sheep wall – Reveal Entire Map