Maurice, Calabite Demon Prince of Heresy

Maurice, Calabite Demon Prince of Heresy

The world is … flawed, at best. But, if you look at it the right way, you’ll see that it’s really just a bunch of tiny pieces put together … and if you take them apart and move them around a little…

Well, it’s just neat.

There’s too much unity in Heaven these days. What with all those old enemies coming together to kick Hell’s collective asses, not to mention those ungrateful former Princes glorying in betrayal of their old allies, Lucifer needs as many entities dedicated to division as he can find. Maurice was the closest tool to hand: he and Jezebel are supposed to replace the lost Malphas.

If only it wasn’t becoming clear that Maurice seems determined to replace the missing Kobal as well…


Leaving things alone. Servitors of Heresy suffer dissonance whenever they let a day go by without creating or promulgating a heretical viewpoint. Oddly enough, Maurice lets them bank up their heresies: a Servitor that specifically creates more than one heresy per day may skip the next one safely. Up to three days’ grace period may be accumulated at any given time. However, most demons of Heresy rarely bother to ever use up their free days…


Guess. The only thing that any two Servitors of Heresy agree upon is that Maurice runs things (although a daring few will occasionally challenge even that, albeit not for very long). This is one of the few places in Hell where interpersonal relationships are formally recognized as being more important than any stuffy hierarchy. Servitors of Heresy group themselves (or are grouped) by a particular task or duty. It seems sometimes that demons with Distinctions are only there so that an outsider has someone familiar to whom they can pass on information and/or yell at…

Band Attunements

Balseraph (Restricted)

Balseraphs of Heresy add their Ethereal Forces to any attempt to resonate someone into believing a particular heretical belief or theory.

Djinn (Restricted)

Djinn of Heresy automatically attune to deliberate heretics (CD of 1). They can also break this attunement automatically. The Djinn may attempt to attune normally, but then they most roll normally to break said attunement.

Calabite (Restricted)

A Calabite of Heresy may use their resonance to inflict Mind Hits (instead of Body Hits) upon a living target. All Calabim of Heresy start with the Surreal Discord.


Punishers of Heresy – well, that’s their duty. They recognize people who have consciously chosen to espouse heretical beliefs on sight, and get a +2 to any attempt to enflame a hatred of a known heretic. Maurice is careful to not make fun of his Habbalah – for all he knows, they’re right…

Lilim (Restricted)

Maurice keeps his exact number of Lilim a secret (and is oddly reluctant to admit that he actually has any, to the point of looking over his shoulder first whenever responding to the question). His Tempters have the ability to duplicate the resonance, dissonance restrictions and celestial appearance of one other major Band of demons (chosen at character creation).

Shedite (Restricted)

Shedim of Heresy are considered to be not quite right in the head by their Band-mates: their need to corrupt their hosts is handled quite easily by merely requiring the host to espouse heretical beliefs.

Impudite (Restricted)

An Impudite who has successfully Charmed a human may convince them that any heretical belief is actually correct for (CD of the Charm roll) hours.

Servitor Attunements

It Seemed a Good Idea at the Time

The demon adds his Ethereal Forces to all Fast-Talk, Lying and Emote rolls.

Smoking Crack

This Attunement allows the demon to encourage a human to spout off on a particular heretical belief (the sillier / more fringe, the better): the target must actually hold said belief. The human must make a Will Roll or immediately start bringing up any variant beliefs that they might have for (Will Roll CD) minutes.


The demon gains +(Ethereal Forces/2 (round up)) to reaction rolls. In order to maintain this bonus, the demon must present an entertaining and different heretical belief once per day.


Knight of Cranks

If the demon has not already earned It Seemed a Good Idea at the Time, he or she will be granted it now: in addition, the Knight may (once per day) convince any human with a Will of 1 to 2 of the essential truth of any heresy. This belief will persist until someone else manages to talk the human down.

Captain of Conspiracy Theories

Captains can, with a Perception roll, determine what heresy a particular target will find most appealing and/or seductive.

Baron of Heresy

The number of these is also kept quiet, mostly because every Word-bound on both sides hates them with a passion. Barons of Heresy may, by spending 9 Essence, temporarily Word-shift any Word-bound that they face for one day. This will force the target to make a Will roll at -3 whenever he, she or it wishes to use their old abilities, special Attunements or Rites. The new Word must be related to the old, and subject to GM whim.


Allied: Jezebel, Leviathan

Associated: Furfur, Nybbas

Neutral: Andrealphus, Baal, Beleth, Kronos, Lilith, Vapula

Hostile: Alaemon, Asmodeus, Mammon, Valefor

Alaemon: ”A poor substitute for either Kobal or Malphas: trying to be both at once is even more futile. His habit of trumpeting secrets far and wide merely shows his idiocy.” ”Boring – and not a little cowardly. What’s the point of having an opposing opinion if you don’t dare inflict it upon the world?”

Andrealphus: ”A little … tame … for my purposes, and not in a good way. I mostly ignore him and his, unless his activities impinge on my Word.” ”Let’s just say that I have my reasons for not going there, and leave it at that. His work is useful for Hell in general: just not me in particular.”

Asmodeus: ”Someday, Lucifer will stop laughing at him. When that day occurs, he is mine.” ”Ah. I have to admire chutzpah: Asmodeus spent the last twenty thousand years directly working with the Enemy, and he has the nerve to accuse me of treasonous behavior? I’ll never forget the time he accused me of heretical beliefs: I yawned in his face. Apparently, he’s not used to that. Such a pity.”

Baal: ”Obnoxious, but his work takes some of the pressure off of the front lines. Unless he goes completely insane, Maurice remains tolerable. But he had better not infect the troops…” ”Baal is such an interesting character study: he’s halfway there to serving my Word as it is. Until he’s ready to admit it, I plan to let him alone.”

Beleth: ”I suppose that Heresy is a useful enough Word to have, although only because of the current situation. Besides, I know what he fears. Maurice is almost as bad as Nybbas is in that regard.” ”I know what she fears, too, and if Hell – and Lucifer – didn’t need Beleth, I’d tell her. I still might, provided that I could do so at a distance: the scream of anguish and rage as she realized just how badly she was duped would be hysterical. Maybe if it looks like we’re about to lose this stupid War anyway…”

Furfur: ”We’re the wave of the (bleeping) future. It’s about (bleeping) time that proper Calabim got their due, and Maurice doesn’t try to put on any (bleeping) airs or anything.” ”Well … everybody knows someone who they hang out with for inexplicable reasons, right? That’s Furfur – and me, I suppose. He’s got the muscle and I’ve got subtlety. Besides, he’s a Band-mate, you know?”

Jezebel: ”Our Words are intertwined. We, however, will not be.” ”Clever, opinionated and willing to experiment: the New Calabim have to stick together. We’ll work out any differences after the situation stabilizes.”

Kronos: ”Disrespectful to power structures in general, but careful to never offend me. As long as Maurice proves useful, he will be allowed to stay a tool. And if the tool breaks, well, that is the Fate of tools.” ”As I see it, either we have to have both him and Yves, or neither. At the moment, there isn’t a chance in Hell to take Yves out, so we’re stuck with the bugger for now. Just smile and nod, smile and nod, and keep in mind that he’s necessary for balance. However, should Yves go away, well, that just changes his utility, now doesn’t it?”

Leviathan: ”No need to debate which way the boat’s going until after we secure the wheel from the fools currently steering. Don’t the rest realize yet that the recent appointments are Lucifer’s way of telling them that a change is order?” ”I can get into his head – it might not be fun, but I can get there. Leviathan’s ambitions and mine are in different areas, so it’s no skin of my nose if I give a hand. We’ll worry about the rest later.”

Lilith: ”You would think that a Prince would have sufficient self-confidence to be alone with me for more than five minutes at a time. However, his paranoia has led him to produce a very useful trick for my Daughters, so I don’t press the issue.” ”None of your business. Useful Word, useful Servitors – and we will just leave it at that.”

Mammon: ”Maurice shows no respect – and he’s trivial anyway. I can’t see why Lucifer made him a Prince at all.” ”I might be more polite to him if I wasn’t pretty sure that he’s going to be the next Prince to valiantly fall in the service of Hell. From what I’ve heard, Marc is going to rip him into tiny bits. (Shrug) And I should care why?”

Nybbas: ”He can give good product – and, better yet, he gives lots of it. Who cares if most of it’s crap?” ”We’ve got a good business relationship going – I produce product and he makes sure that it’s packaged nicely. Besides, I know that he agrees with me about what Hell’s priorities should be. We’ve just got to get the rest into line…”

Valefor: ”He’s an obnoxious, rude, gratingly arrogant son of a bitch. Do you know that he actually called me Janus to my face? We started off disliking each other right from the start, and it’s hardly improved since then.” ”Valefor? I don’t care what Jezebel thinks, but he isn’t really with it. Maybe if he was getting his start now… but he didn’t, and he’s too hung up in playing cops and robbers with his supposed ’nemesis’ to see any other way of doing business. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he really was Janus…”

Vapula: ”I see a trend. For a Calabite, he’s not completely intolerable. For a Calabite.” ”Vapula? He’s got the right spin on things – the universe is what you make of it, and screw anybody who tries to tell you that something can’t be done – but Habbalah have… issues. I don’t trust him with anything that I might need later.”


: Convince someone else to express his or her heretical beliefs

: Cause a minor riot over a heresy

Chance for Invocation: 5 (Maurice likes the corporeal plane)


+1 A banned book

+2 Someone espousing a heresy

+3 Someone espousing a heresy in an amusing way

+4 A minor riot (less than 100 people) started over a heresy

+5 A major riot (more than 200 people) started over a heresy

+6 The moment of a major religious, social or political schism

Role in the War

Spreading of dissension: it doesn’t matter what the dissension is, as long as it weakens Heaven. Unlike Malphas, Maurice isn’t into conflict for its own sake: in fact, he doesn’t even care if said dissension ends up with two or more people not talking to each other, just as long as they can’t do anything effectively. Ideology be damned: what’s important is that the pressure gets taken off Hell.

As a result of this, Servitors of Heresy are usually not on the front lines, as they’re at their best behind them. They serve as combination rabble-rousers, revolutionaries and saboteurs, trying to keep the pot boiling long enough to blunt Heaven’s attacks. They are also expected to not stay too long in any one place: once they’ve upset a particular apple-cart, it’s time to move on and upset another one, not sit around and bask in the knowledge of a job evilly done. There’ll be plenty of time to do that once the War is declared a draw.

Views on the War

Maurice’s view of the War is about what you’d expect from a Prince of Heresy. Essentially, he thinks that it should just – end.

After all, what good is it doing? Heaven does this, Hell does that in response, a lot of celestials get themselves killed and nothing ever gets resolved. Frankly, Maurice doesn’t think that either side is going to ever get to win, so why not agree to disagree and work out a time-share program instead? Hell gets to play with everybody Fated, Heaven can have their precious human paragons of virtue, and Earth can be turned into the tourist spot that it was always meant to be.

You see, Maurice doesn’t care whether the Rebellion was justified or not. He wasn’t there for it, he’s heard one too many lectures on the subject and everybody who attended that shindig comes across as seriously disturbed, anyway. If a bunch of angels want to delude themselves about the worthiness of talking monkeys, well, everyone needs a hobby. Hell, maybe they’re right: Maurice doesn’t really think so, but he’s always willing to listen to an entertaining line of B. S. You never know.

Of course, this particular opinion grates across the souls of every Superior on both sides that remembers the Fall: it’s one thing to be told that you’re wrong, but it’s quite another when someone is so patronizing about it. The only reason why Maurice is still alive and has all his Forces is because he apparently amuses the Hell out of Lucifer. Like Kobal, the Prince of Heresy is fearless when it comes to telling the First Balseraph what’s on his mind, and unlike Kobal, Maurice isn’t jaded about it all yet.

Besides, Maurice is only saying aloud what more than one newer demon (and Prince) is thinking, deep in their Hearts. The resolution of the War is simply less of an all-consuming issue among the younger generation: yes, of course, defeat Heaven and prove that Hell was right all along, but – well, do we have to do it right now? I mean, it took forever to get those concert tickets, and they’ll certainly cancel it for Armageddon. Plus, the conquest and subjugation of the Host is simply going to play merry Hell with everyone’s scheduling. Possibly we could do it next year, during the slow season?

Princes like to ignore mutterings from their Servitors (because they can), but they aren’t idiots. This is no time to alienate a large swath of Hell. So, as long as Maurice is useful enough, in his way, they won’t carve off steaks from his hide quite just yet.

Even if panicked Gamesters have to occasionally hold down a frustrated Asmodeus on days when Maurice is being particularly Heretical…

Personality and History

Maurice started out as a Servitor of Dark Humor, and he loved his work. Kobal may have been a bit jaded, but a look at the archives could show that the Prince had nothing to prove when it came to his Word. By the time that the changes occurred in Heaven, Maurice had risen to the rank of Baron, and was a serious contender for the word of Spurious Logic (or the creation of absurd postulates based on bad data).

When Kobal disappeared, the Servitors of Dark Humor found themselves quickly scattered (and, usually, suffering from acute cases of payback). Maurice managed to maintain fairly well, mostly because he wasn’t in the habit of having live enemies in the first place, until Lucifer tapped him to take the Word of Heresy. Why he got that Word is only known to Lucifer and Maurice, but it’s suspected that some kind of deal was made. Of course, it may have just been sheer pragmatism: if your problems are mostly because the other side is too unified, then it’s a good idea to attack that unity.

Maurice is … well, Princes reflect their Words. The Prince of Heresy seems to take unpopular positions simply because they’re there, and abandon them the second that they seem to become respectable. Couple that with a fairly inappropriate sense of humor, and one can be forgiven for wondering why the older Princes tolerate him. It’s simple: they’re too busy trying to stabilize the front lines to do anything else. Unfortunately (from their point of view), once the situation is stabilized, the Prince of Heresy will probably be too strong to dislodge. They might be able to do it if they find Kobal … which is why Asmodeus has found himself in the impossibly surreal situation of trying to find and restore the Prince of Dark Humor.

As a Calabite of Heresy, Maurice has the Surreal Discord at an amazingly high level. His mere presence on the corporeal plane can do odd things to reality in his near vicinity. This pleases him, and his Servitors – and annoys Heaven to no end, especially when he goes to certain places simply to mess with the talking monkeys’ heads. Every little bit helps.

Maurice is definitely a Demon Prince, no matter how little he cares about winning the War. He is not sadistic, per se, but he has very strong opinions about the metaphorical food chain, and has no desire to lose his privileged position on it. For a Calabite, he’s not very violent, and is amazingly willing to permit dissenting opinions among his Servitors … just as long as they always remember that Maurice is the Final Authority.

There are limits, after all.

Principality: The Bastion of Heresy

Maurice has set up his Cathedral (the choice of name was deliberate) smack dab in the middle of Shal-Mari. The area had been pretty much cleared out already, anyway, thanks to that amusing little civil disturbance.

The Bastion isn’t too odd, although it switches outward appearance according to its Prince’s whims. The inside is fairly freeform (Maurice just set up shop, after all), except for the top floor. There, the Prince of Heresy holds a fairly subdued court among possibly the strangest art gallery in existence.

Maurice himself created all of the works of art: the artwork is of varying quality, but there’s a good deal of it. The Prince of Heresy has a taste for representational art (mostly paintings and sculpture). He seems to enjoy creating odd (and insanely dangerous, politically speaking) variants of existing subjects: to give you an idea, the first thing that a visitor sees is a sculpture in bronze of Haagenti as he emerged from the Light of Heaven. Other works include a praying Bright Lilim with Khalid’s features, a stone sculpture of a smoothed-face Vapula, and a painting showing Hatiphas burning what appears to be a Sorcerer. His current project takes up the entire back wall of his audience hall: it appears to be a half-finished mosaic of a smiling Lucifer holding up the severed head of Michael. Maurice greets visitors from the simple chair beneath this work, flanked on the left side by a sculpture of a grim-faced Novalis with black wings and on the right by a tapestry of a weeping, white-winged Kobal.

Servitors of the older Princes dread having to go to an audience with the Prince of Heresy – and no one ever voluntarily sends a Word-bound into his presence. There’s always the possibility that he’ll send them back different…

Leviathan, Prince of Storms

Leviathan, Prince of Storms

The world is a storm of destruction and pain … despite the current wishful thinking by my enemies. Watch as I prove it.

Leviathan is a Calabim (and former Servitor of Belial) who has never seen Hell, and (hopefully) will never want to. Its celestial appearance doesn’t even make a concession towards humanoid form: however, it has spent most of his time since becoming a Prince on Earth trying to hold back the forces of Heaven (usually at the center of a swath of destruction). It has been assigned Sheol as a Principality, and has been remolding it to fit the new Word (a task delayed by current problems in the War). Leviathan was indifferent to gender in the past, but this seems to be changing: its earthly vessels are still just as likely to be male or female.

Normally, the Descending Hierarchy would make mincemeat out of a Prince who spends little time in Hell while neglecting to set up more than an elementary Infernal infrastructure. These are not normal times. Belial is dead. Kobal has been neutralized. Haagenti, Malphas and Saminga have joined the enemy. The ethereal gods have broken with Beleth and negotiated truces with Heaven. Grim Malakite and Ofanite raiders regularly venture into such formerly safe places such as Los Angeles and Milan. Baal and Asmodeus have made it clear that Leviathan is not to be touched until the situation stabilizes, and most of the other Princes respect that … as much as they can.

This is still Hell, after all.


Right now, Leviathan wants results, and it doesn’t care how it gets them. It has only one simple dissonance requirement: a Servitor of Storms must be constantly working to oppose the enemy (this translates as at least once per day). Anything that works is fine. However, demons that consistently pick small or non-dangerous oppositions, while not subject to dissonance, are subject to visits from agents of either the War or the Game. This usually ends up in a dead demon: slackers are not tolerated.


There are a lot of violent demons that are at loose ends, thanks to recent events, and Leviathan has effective first pick of them all. Most of his servants are refugees of one kind or another: Servitors who have lost their Prince, undead and Sorcerers desperate for protection from the forces of Fulfillment, and even Renegades from before the current Troubles. Leviathan isn’t choosy: it has a job for all of them. Admittedly, the job is often suicidal, but this is still a War. How this will change, if the situation ever resolves itself, is subject to much speculation.

One of the few perks about serving the Storm is that Leviathan never takes away old Attunements when you join up. Successful Servitors and servants can also expect generous rewards (generous for a Prince, at any rate). Unsuccessful Servitors are usually dead, anyway, so punishment is often moot. Leviathan’s forces are either cannon fodder or very dangerous opponents: the middle ground is painfully thin, and the learning curve is drenched in blood.

Leviathan is also, through judicious use of training and Force strip-mining, seriously depleting the amount of imps and gremlins available in its Principality to create a large number of shock troops. These demons, while technically full 7-Force Demons, are not given Word Attunements or Distinctions unless they show particular promise. The surrounding Princes are starting to wonder what exactly it plans to do with all this cannon fodder…


These demons always know how what successful lie will cause maximum destruction and pain to a person (but not how likely it is that the person will believe it).

Djinn (Restricted)

Djinn get a +2 to all rolls to end an attunement.


These demons may, with a Perception roll, determine the weakest spot in a physical defense. If they make their roll at -2, they may also determine how much damage would be necessary to breach that defense.

Habbalah (Restricted)

These demons, when they attempt to inflict Fury on a target, do not suffer from a negative backlash if the target resists. Instead, they may choose another target that is within line of sight to the demon. If that target resists, then the Habbalite must display those feelings or suffer dissonance.

Lilim (Restricted)

The Tempters may attempt to push up the level of Geas owed to them by two with a Will Roll, provided that the Geas is used in connection with an attack on the forces of Heaven.

Shedim (Restricted)

These demons may possess an existing storm system (for their Corporeal Forces in minutes), instead of a regular host. However, they are still required to corrupt it, in an odd way: the storm system must be used to cause floods, electrocute people, destroy trailer parks, etc. Simply using it to hide is subject to dissonance.

Impudites (Restricted)

Leviathan has no use for Takers who cannot ever safely kill humans. Those who do (mostly former Servitors of Death) have a +2 to Charm their victims, if the target is actively engaged in a dangerous activity.

Servitor Attunements


These demons can access a tiny portion of Storm. They have access to the Song of Thunder (level equal to their highest Force type) at no Essence cost once per day, and may reduce the final Essence cost by 2 (minimum is still one) at any other time. They may still learn the Song of Thunder normally.


Users of this attunement can draw upon an existing storm to call down lightning on their foes with a successful Precision Roll (damage equal to the check digit)! This Attunement works only 2d6-2 times (minimum 2) per individual storm. The target has normal defenses, but please note that metal armor is worse than useless against a lightning strike, and few electronic devices are shielded against power surges of that magnitude…


Knight of Gales

These demons will never take damage from a natural storm. This protection extends to anything that they can carry.

Captain of Tornadoes

Once per day, these demons may artificially boost (never suppress) the power of a storm system with a Will Roll. Check the table below for levels:

No Storm

Light Wind


Heavy Rain




Each level of increase costs 4 Essence, which must be spent all at once. Only one demon may work on a given storm at a time. A storm increased in this manner will last for a number of hours equal to the Captain’s Celestial Forces. It is also very, very noisy: double the amount of Symphonic disturbance.

Baron of Hurricanes

Leviathan’s Barons may move from the center of any one storm on the corporeal plane to the center of any other, once per day.


Leviathan is not a player of Infernal politics. In many ways, it is a tool and nothing more. Baal and Asmodeus are using its followers as a stopgap measure while they attempt to get Hell under control, and there is precious little real respect by them or their respective organizations for the newest Prince. On the other hand, Leviathan is a starkly necessary tool, so they have made it clear that, for the moment, it is untouchable. The other Princes have been careful to not publicly defy this ban. Some of them (notably Beleth and Vapula) aren’t even plotting secretly against the new Prince…

Leviathan, of course, knows about this lack of regard, and is about as well disposed towards his new peers as they are to it: that is to say, not at all. The new Prince is, however, more interested in proving itself to the only judge that matters: Lucifer himself. If it can, single-handedly, retrieve the situation on Earth (or at least fight Heaven to a standstill), then Leviathan will be in an excellent position to become one of the great ones. It is thus uninterested in public controversy.

Thus, the situation is best summed up as a group of people, smiling at each other and united in fighting the bad fight. But the smiles never reach the eyes, and the knives being sharpened will eventually end up in each other’s backs.

Welcome to Hell.

Allied: No one

Associated: Asmodeus, Baal, Vapula, (These Princes are Associated with Leviathan)

Neutral: Beleth, Furfur, Kronos, Lilith (Beleth and Kronos are Neutral to Leviathan)

Hostile: Andreaphlus, Nybbas, Valefor (All Princes not listed above are Hostile to Leviathan)

Andreaphlus: ”Smash, break, destroy: yet Another Prince that thinks with its weapon. Ugly, too. If we didn’t need it right now…” ”Arrogant weakling. Some of his Servitors understand the Storm, but he just looks for an appropriate orifice. He had best keep out of the way, lest his pretty hair gets all mussed up…”

Asmodeus: ”A tool, but a useful one. Its lack of subtlety is even an asset for me, at times. There will be time later to properly assess Leviathan’s future place: if it continues to do well, it probably has nothing to worry about. Probably.” ”I feel his contempt, and I laugh at it as much as I laugh at his rules. He is not the one whose opinion matters.”

Baal: ”Personally, it’s distasteful to have to use such a indiscriminate Prince. But Leviathan’s organizational skills are good, and its gotten more use out of the odds and sods we’ve accumulated lately than I would have guessed. Good enough for now.” ”I care not for his opinion of me, either. Without my servants, this vaunted warrior would have been forced back all the way back to Hell. Lucifer sees what I do: oh, yes, he does.”

Beleth: ”Unlike my peers, I can tolerate it permanently. Someone has to fight on those fronts where I do not go, and it hates humanity almost as much as I do. And it stays out of my way, which is good for it. I know what it fears.” ”My work is in the waking world, not in some dreamscape. But she does know how to make the humans properly … appreciate my Word. I doubt that she’ll raise too much fuss about things later.”

Furfur: ”Kiss-ass. It’s got such a (censored) good Word, and it runs around slinging some truly fine, (censored) dangerous (censored), so you’d think that it and me would do well, right? Noooo, it’s too busy (censored) (censored) (censored) of Baal and Asmodeus to hang with the really bad boys. What a candy-ass (censored) (censored) (censored)-for-brains (censored) (censored) (censored)…” ”Foul-mouthed, crude and destructive: I respect that. He’s even effective at times. Best of all, he’s nowhere near as bad as he thinks he is. He’ll make a wonderful Servitor.”

Kronos: ”Useful … possibly useful enough to keep around, once we’ve stabilized things. We will see.” ”A bloated spider, spinning its web and ensnaring humanity. That is not an insult: I approve. It makes it easier for me to unleash the Storm on them.”

Lilith: ”Necessary, I suppose, and certainly the Word is no conflict. But it shows no respect, and Leviathan hasn’t quite gotten into its head yet that my Daughters are resources, not cannon fodder. It will learn that lesson very well and very soon, no matter what Asmodeus says.” ”I regret … slightly … annoying this one. Her Daughters can be so useful, and I dislike expending such works of art. But any weapon at hand when your back’s to the wall.”

Nybbas: ”Nice numbers on what this guy does, baby. Everyone loves seeing the old story of trailer park meets tornado and then gets carried away. But if it wants to be a player, it had better learn to show some proper respect to the big boys.” (Stops grinning.) ”Or it’ll never work in this town again.” ”I dislike having to save his precious ’people’ from extermination. Why bother entrancing them with pretty pictures, when fear and pain work just as well?”

Valefor: ”It’s better than his predecessor, and somewhat saner. Still, there must be something about Sheol that makes its possessor a lapdog for the established order. Amazing: there’s actually something that I don’t feel like stealing…” ”Another one who loses himself in his Word, at the expense of the War. I’m not surprised that Alaemon has him checkmated. And I’m supposed to care about his opinion?”

Vapula: ”Belial’s death was such a loss. So ready to Test the enemy and humanity with purifying fire. Oh, well, he obviously wasn’t worthy. This new one is an acceptable replacement: not as focused, but much more broadminded.” ”Mad, he is, but a fine madness. His little toys are very useful… and I have no problem with giving them a full trial.”

The Host has its own opinions, of course: mostly, they range from ”kill it” to ”kill it now”. Even Novalis isn’t very forgiving towards this Prince…

Role in the War

It Makes Things Go Boom. That’s about it.

At least, that’s the first impression that one gets. Leviathan is most visibly involved in the ”throw bodies onto the fire until it goes out” type of operations, so it’s easy to assume that that’s all that it cares about. The truth is a little bit more involved than that.

Leviathan has one advantage over every other Demon Prince: eclecticism. As was mentioned above, Storm’s Servitors are a varied lot: former Servitors of Fire, Gluttony, Factions, Death, and Dark Humor, Renegades of every Band and Word, and human Hellsworn, Sorcerers and Undead. They are, collectively, capable of doing just about any job that needs to be done. Leviathan can, in fact, mount espionage or subversion missions, and does so regularly: it’s just that most of its opponents haven’t quite realized that yet. This breadth of effectiveness is a subtle but powerful asset.

Still, Leviathan can’t count on its foes remaining clueless forever. Already, some of the Penitent Archangels have been noticing the increasing numbers of their former servants opposing them, and will realize fairly soon that Leviathan’s flashy attacks are partially cover for more subtle operations. When that happens, the Host will come down like a hammer on its forces.

Leviathan is strenuously preparing for that day by fortifying its Tethers, gathering intelligence, and creating a vast army of cannon fodder demons. It will expend it all to weather the Storm: after all, if its earthly organization can hold them off single-handedly (or nearly so), then it will have the approval of Lucifer (the only entity that matters, to its way of thinking). If it loses most of its Servitors in the process … so what? Plenty more where they came from, and Leviathan will be in a position to gut the others’ organizations for top-rate replacements, rather than the sorry trash it has to work with now.

The plan may not work, but it will definitely be something to see … from a very safe distance.

Basic Rites:

: Kill a Soldier, an ally of Heaven, or send an angel into Trauma.

: Spend an hour outside in a thunderstorm.

Chance of Invocation: 2


(Special modifier: any demon may summon Leviathan without penalty, once. However, he/she/it had better be doing so to officially petition to join its service, or Leviathan will immediately turn the demon over to the appropriate Prince…)

+1 A thunderstorm

+2 The slain body of a Soldier of God

+3 The smoking wreckage of a building destroyed by the demon

+4 The eye of a hurricane

+5 The vessel of an angel sent into Trauma by the demon

+6 More than 50 people killed in a fire or explosion set by the demon


Leviathan was once merely Frixit, a powerful Baron of Belial and Demon of Forest Fires. Unfortunately, at about the time of the events narrated in ”Suffer the Children”, Frixit ran slightly afoul of his Superior in an incident involving the demon working to limit a forest fire early in the dry season. Frixit tried to explain to Belial that it needed those trees around to catch fire later in the season, when the local orphanages had their yearly picnics, but Belial was never one for subtlety…

At any rate, Frixit was semi-disgraced and sent off to serve Baal for a while. This undoubtedly saved its existence, because when Belial and his top Servitors were obliterated in the epic Ambush of Flame, Frixit was nowhere near the place. It probably would have gone to help, anyway (Belial was the standard by which any self-respecting Calabite measured itself), but Baal himself prevented it from going.

The Servitor of Belial had impressed the Prince of the War with its twin loves of destruction and planning. Baal had concluded, reluctantly, that new Princes would be needed, what with the sudden depletions in their ranks. It was also clear that allowing the situation to resolve itself had failed in every Principality affected by the loss of a Prince. Sheol could not suffer the same fate as Shal-Mari, Abaddon and Stygia. Simply taking Sheol for himself would be also a fool’s act. Frixit, probably the most powerful Servitor of Fire left in existence, would be the perfect candidate … and tool. Asmodeus, having his own problems, agreed. Frixit was sponsored for Prince.

Lucifer chose not to make it the new Prince of Fire, however. It was clear that Heaven was willing to vaporize anyone foolish enough to take the Word, and Gabriel was unlikely to Fall anytime soon, now. Lucifer thus determined to expand Frixit’s Word to encompass the ancient cause of forest fires. It was now the Prince of Storms. For reasons best known to only the new Prince and Lucifer, Frixit also at this time cast aside its old name. Now it would be known only as Leviathan.

Leviathan has spent most of its time since then on the corporeal plane. Sheol was left in a semi-anarchistic state, and the Principality’s fundamental nature has slowly started to change. As long as the supply of new demons remains constant, it doesn’t care. The Prince of Storms is too busy in its self-appointed job: the stopping of Heaven’s advance on Hell’s territories. It has had some success, but the future is uncertain.

Except for the blood. It is certain that there will be blood.

The Principality of Sheol

Leviathan has taken over Sheol … in a manner of speaking.

At first, the fires continued to burn unchecked. Soon, though, there came the clouds, and the rain. Not a gentle rain, mind: a rain of hail and salt water. The center of this was Belial’s old castle, which soon became rusty and shapeless under the torrential downpour. No longer the Citadel of Gold, it is now known as either the Castle of Rust or the Place of Blood. The winds howl constantly as they spread bitter water throughout the Principalities. And the fires still rage.

By any objective standpoint, Sheol is an ugly mess. The lake of fire has gone out, replaced with vast mires of oil and muck. In some places, the burning continues: in other, vast stinking fogs cover the landscape. Even for Hell, the place is unappealing.

What fully-fledged demons still remain are divided between Guards (those that seal the Principality’s borders against escapees), and the Hunt (those that retrieve and process demonlings for Leviathan’s future army). The damned souls that are left there are mostly left alone, as the Hunt (mostly Impudites) have standing orders to ship all demonlings drained of Essence … something that they’d do, anyway … and frankly, draining a bunch of 2 Force entities is easier than subduing one 5 Force creature. Leviathan’s demons in Sheol are, frankly, scrubs: if they had any real talents, they’d be on Earth attacking things. The captured demonlings are sent to Gehenna, where they seem to spend all their time in mass combat with each other and forced growth with strange, smoking machines. Baal firmly suppresses all inquiries.

The damned souls in the Principality are not idle, however. Currently, they have organized themselves into several thousand ”tribes” that are constantly at war with each other, apparently for no good reason. The tribes are each dominated by one or two individuals that brutally enforce their wills and monopolize what luxuries exist. Alliances are constantly shifting and changing, but the tribes themselves (which seem to have no scarcity of weapons) never seem to be completely destroyed or taken over. Most members seem to spend all of their time either fighting or training to fight: this situation would alarm the other denizens if any information about Sheol were commonly known.

What is actually happening, in both cases, is one of Leviathan’s longer-term projects. The demons are specially trained for the day when the Host decides to declare all-out war against the Prince of Storms’ organization: these demons lack any Servitor Attunements, Vessels, Hearts, non-combat skills or even the average demon’s understanding of the dangers of dissonance and Discord. What they will have are a large number of Celestial Forces, a certain affinity for brawling and a pain-induced compulsion to celestially attack the first angel they see (except for Shedim, who will instead possess human after human as they attack Soldiers of God). Thousands of them will be unceremoniously booted through Storm Tethers under attack and pointed in the general direction of the enemy.

The tribes of the damned are for a different scenario. Leviathan’s plans for the future will undoubtedly be opposed by other Princes, who might need to be … convinced … of the vision of the Prince of Storms. Leviathan has set these damned souls up as shock troops for assaults on other Principalities: with the promise of preferential treatment to the various tribal leaders in exchange for their service. It’s lying, of course, but the alternative is soul-death. In both cases, these ”armies” are going to get slaughtered en masse, of course. But the sheer numbers involved will bog down Leviathan’s enemies long enough for its real forces to get into a position to do some real damage. It could care less about revealing the War, about Symphonic disturbance, or about destroying all but the nucleus of its organization, anyway … as long as the Storm is allowed to rage unchecked.

Of course, it also wants to prove that Leviathan is more suitable than its ”allies” to lead the War against Heaven. The Prince has decided that a big win is the only way to do that, and it knows that you have to gamble big to win big.

Jezebel, Calabite Princess of Alienation

Jezebel, Calabite Princess of Alienation

The world is full of weakness clinging to weakness. Force them all apart and be done with it.

One doesn’t see many Calabim who identify strongly with the female gender, and if Jezebel is any example, this is fortunate. One of Malphas’ orphans, she’s used the chaos to propel her to the very top, and will do anything to stay there. Jezebel is one of the new breed of Diabolicals, less caught up in her Word than in the power it gives her. She annoys more traditional demons no end.

Jezebel’s pretty contemptuous of most of her Band-mates, thinking them unsubtle dolts who completely overlook the most satisfying aspects of being a Destroyer. Smashing and breaking things is all very well, but humans will just rebuild or replace that which they hold valuable. It’s treating the symptoms, not the disease.

For Jezebel, the true way to destruction is to take a human and steadily, exquisitely erode every link that he or she has to everything else. If you guide people down paths where they eventually care about nothing at all, and would not lift a finger to save anything from destruction or degradation, they will destroy their own beloved objects and institutions themselves. Not from hate, but from sheer indifference.

That’s a worthy project for a Calabite.


It is dissonant for a Servitor of Alienation to encourage cooperation among humans. Jezebel doesn’t mind celestials banding together, but her demons must at least make some kind of effort to spread dissension whenever possible among mortals. This condition does apply to Hellsworn, which is one reason why she has so few of them (and why most of the other Princes forbid her to go near their own pet Soldiers).

Also, emphasizing physical over mental or emotional violence isn’t dissonant, per se, but it’s not a good way to advance in her service. Jezebel wants artists, not brawlers.


Jezebel has had real problems with acquiring experienced Servitors. Unlike her former Prince, she insists on demons who can distinguish between furthering her Word among humanity and just furthering her Word. Many Servitors of Factions have real difficulty with this simple trick, so she can’t really recruit from her old organization. She copes by upgrading as many imps and gremlins as she can, with the occasional fully created demon added to the mix.

At this moment, she runs her organization like that of a coalition of street gangs: her most experienced Servitors each have responsibility over a motley bunch of newly fledged demons. On the plus side, at this point a demon’s prospects are wide open: do anything intelligent or successful and you’ll be sure to get rewarded. Jezebel also comes across as more tolerant of mistakes, as she really doesn’t have much choice in the matter.

The down side is, of course, that with rewards comes higher responsibilities, which usually translates to a bunch of immature, unskilled, idiotic demons of your very own. The Princess of Alienation expects her lieutenants to keep their charges under firm control, and if they make you look too bad … well, Jezebel can always use some seasoned Forces. The situation can get so tense that experienced Servitors of Alienation often rely on each other to an amazing degree for Hell, just to keep everything quiet. Such treason to the Word of one’s Superior, while not dissonant in this specific case, is profoundly frustrating, irritating, and sometimes even painful for a celestial: however, they usually take it out on humanity, so it all works out in the end.

Band Attunements

Note that it is quite possible for a Servitor of Alienation to not have their own Band Attunements: Jezebel likes to experiment. Her rawest demons have no Band Attunements at all, having to prove themselves worthy of the honor (which usually occurs about the same time they acquire their 9th Force).


Balseraphs get a +2 to their resonance rolls whenever they are trying to convince someone that their affection for an individual or group is not reciprocated.


Djinn of Alienation can cause their attuned, on a Will Roll, to obsess over one thing, to the exclusion of everything else. The target gets to make further Will Rolls every day to snap out of this state. To reuse this ability on the same person, the Djinn must re-attune himself to the target.

Calabim (Restricted)

A Calabite of Alienation, on a successful Perception roll, always knows the most effective way of permanently breaking up an organized group of humans. Note that the phrase is ”most effective”, not ”most likely” or ”safest”: also, this Attunement does not take into account the skills or power of the Calabite using it.

Habbalah (Restricted)

A Habbalite of Alienation can automatically succeed in inflicting Emptiness, if they spend 1 Essence (roll anyway for Interventions). They use this to attack humans who are enjoying life too much, but their fellow Servitors have found that the mere threat of this Attunement is enough to keep other Prince’s Habbalah (and their potentially lethal ”initial testing rituals”) far, far away.

Lilim (Restricted)

Jezebel doesn’t get many Lilim, and doesn’t trust them at all. Lilim receive +2 to any attempt to detect the Need of someone to be left alone. The Princess of Alienation has also been noticeably stingy about handing out rewards to Tempters.


When faced with a group, these Shedim always recognize the lowest member of the local pecking order, and can automatically use their resonance on them (roll anyway for interventions and the check digit).

Impudites (Restricted)

Whenever an Impudite of Alienation successfully Charms and drains Essence from someone, he may choose to leave his victim subconsciously aware of the violation. For the next day, that person will react at -2 to every other person he or she meets. Anyone who knows of the existence of Impudites will not suffer from this modifier.

Servitor Attunements

All Servitors who have received Band Attunements must also buy one of the below.

Fear and Loathing

The demon can, once per day, make a human distrust a specific person, group or idea. When the target encounters the object of his distrust, he must make a Will roll or else act out his reaction in a manner appropriate to the target’s personality. This induced state only lasts for a day, but the target might end up feeling the aftereffects for a long time…


This causes the target to have a general dislike of everything, vaguely dissatisfied but not knowing why. It translates to a -1 on all reactions. Appropriate Celestial resonances and Songs have a -2 penalty (oddly, there’s some sort of feedback). It lasts an hour for every Essence spent by the demon.


So far, Jezebel has only two Distinctions: Sergeant and Lieutenant. She is apparently working on more sophisticated ranks and abilities for when her organization has the numbers to justify them.


These Servitors watch over the mob of raw demons assigned to them. They know when one’s been killed, and can, at a cost of 3 Essence, cut in half the amount of disturbance that caused by their charges’ antics.


These demons have anywhere from four to twenty Sergeants reporting to them. They have the ability to instantly locate a Sergeant that reports to them, and may mentally communicate with them (one Essence for each minute of conversation). Most prefer to simply use a telephone.

Lieutenants also have a +3 to invoke Jezebel (with a +1 on reaction).


Allied: Beleth, Valefor

Associated: Kronos, Leviathan

Neutral: Andreaphlus, Asmodeus, Mammon, Nybbas, Vapula

Hostile: Alaemon, Baal, Fleurity, Furfur, Lilith

Alaemon: ”No upstart is going to take advantage of me. She’s backed the wrong side, and she’ll end up forgotten for that.” ”So desperate to hide his secrets. I would guess that one is that he knows, deep in his parasitic soul, that he is unworthy for such an honorable Word. Valefor and I will find him easy meat.”

Andreaphlus: ”Useful enough, I suppose, but not particularly interesting, once you get past the novelty value. I have more use for Jezebel’s Word than I do for her.” ”He’s subtle: perhaps too subtle. Why allow them any emotion at all? To win, we must have humanity desiring nothing from each other, not even transient, meaningless pleasure.”

Asmodeus: ”She plays well, but she plays to smash it all. It is wise of her to not try to foster her Word among us. We have do not have the luxury of such ploys.” ”I respect him, more even than I respected my old Dread Lord. He knows much, and reveals it to none. And he has had his own share of broken bonds lately. The lesson is a good one, if he chooses to accept it.”

Baal: ”Stupid idiot. I’m trying to hold the line, and she’s busy trying to shatter it. Yes, I know that Jezebel claims that she preys only on humanity. Does she really expect anyone to believe that?” ”He was one of the great ones, once. I must remember that. But he spent too many years fighting his mirror image, and his corruption has set in, so slowly that none noticed until too late. I would feel pity for him, if I was capable of such a thing.”

Beleth: ”She’s useful. It’s when a human is alone in the world, and knows it, that the fear is sweetest.” ”She knows the way, and her own obsessions have not yet broken her as they have Baal. We will accomplish much.”

Fleurity: ”Jezebel is ultimately doomed to failure. Even if she can actually manage to shatter the bonds that link humanity, they’ll just recreate them, out of necessity. Necessity of me: in the game that is humanity I’ll see your ’utter contempt for other mortals’ and raise you ’two days since a junkie’s last fix…'” ”Do I really need to concern myself with him? If I wait long enough, there’ll just be another pompous Prince of Drugs arriving in a decade or three anyway. He’s not worth my time.”

Furfur: ”Stuck-up bitch. Thinks she’s better than the rest of us.” ”I am better than most of them. I’m particularly better than him.”

Kronos: ”Jezebel has embraced her Fate and used it to make her strong. She refuses to whine about lost glory, ruthlessly excises any trace of sentimentality, and shows a healthy contempt for the more useless lessons of the past. She will go far. But not too far.” ”My only complaint about Kronos is that he is wasted as a Balseraph. He would have made a perfect Calabite. If only someone could have shown him the way…”

Leviathan: ”Different methods, contradictory styles, and completely opposite plans for victory. Of course we work together. We want the same kind of victory: one that shows the War for the nonsense that it is. Neither of us need justification for what we are. We are.” ”He has achieved as much as any Calabite of his stripe could hope for. The fact that my way is obviously superior is simply something that we do not discuss. He has imagination, even if he lacks subtlety.”

Lilith: ”I knew that eventually we’d see demons like Jezebel, but I had hoped that they wouldn’t win Princedoms quite so soon, and certainly not at this state of affairs. Even those of my peers who hate her do so for all the wrong reasons. The real danger in Jezebel and her ilk is that they believe in nothing besides power. Hell’s propaganda has succeeded all too well.” ”Traitress to her kind, which is sensible, but it will not save her in the end. Once we win, Hell will be free, and humanity … and Lilith … won’t. Which is as it should be.”

Mammon: ”People will always want other people around, if only to show off their wealth. She does useful work, but she’ll never have her way with mortals.” ”He’s a fool, but his Word can be useful. He’s not worth the trouble to oppose.”

Nybbas: ”A little is good. A lot is better. Too much, though, and the ratings go down, because nobody’s watching anything anymore. The ratings will not go down.” ”His Word is a useful tool, but merely a tool. I am unconvinced that most Impudites make proper Princes, but Nybbas has proven himself. But he fears my Word. I can taste it.”

Valefor: ”Such anger, such contempt, such wonderful, wonderful pragmatism. A rare flower, to be battened on the finest elixirs, until she blooms.” ”He is an inspiration to all of us. Would that more of my Band followed his path.”

Vapula: ”An interesting example of Darwinist theory, adapted to celestials. We must see whether she succeeds to breed.” ”Uninteresting to me, mostly, though the threat of his toys can be quite effective. We have little to say to each other.”

Role in the War

As little as possible, at least in the traditional sense. Jezebel is more interested in wrecking humanity, rather than in engaging in wasteful conflicts with opposing celestials. Some fights are unavoidable, of course, but Jezebel feels that Hell has spent altogether too much time subordinating strategy to tactics. If Heaven chooses to be inflexible, the proper response is to take advantage of this foolishness, not accommodate them. The entire point of the Rebellion was to show that humanity wasn’t worth God’s favor, not to engage in a twenty millennia grudge match.

Servitors of Alienation thus attempt to corrupt communities from the bottom up. They much prefer subtly eroding the shared bonds of family, country, religion and culture. Rooting them out can be exquisitely difficult for the Host: Servitors of Flowers and Stone are usually the best counteragents for an infestation of Alienation, which has led to some odd alliances.


: Cause a person to reject utterly something he once loved or respected.

: Go an entire day without interacting with anyone.

Chance of Invocation: 2


Anything marked with a * must have been done by humans for the modifier to work.

+1 A book on nihilism

+2 A couple arguing

+3 The middle of a riot started for no good reason

+4 The corpse of someone who was killed for being different*

+5 The actual murder of someone because he or she was different*

+6 At the exact moment that a depressed human commits suicide.

Personality and History

Jezebel is cold, cold, cold. Like Leviathan, she incorporates the new but regrettably common (among younger demons) Celestial Discord Megalomania. Generally, sufferers of this Discord tend to believe that they are more powerful, more skilled and more worthy of favor than others. At Superior-level, this Discord isn’t too noticeable (Demon Princes are more powerful than just everybody else), but the arrogance that comes with said Discord would be an effective bar to promotion (or continued existence) … unless, of course, various disasters have depleted the ranks of Princes. When that sort of thing happens, even Superiors tend to be less choosy.

Both of the new Calabim Superiors handle their Discord by directing it mostly towards humanity: while Jezebel and Leviathan disagree on tactics, and even strategy, they both agree on goals… and that their ’peers’ are mostly locked in the past. Their unlikely alliance allows them to work more effectively, even if they refuse to admit it. This is still Hell, after all.

Jezebel was once a powerful Servitor of Malphas, before his completely unexpected Redemption (to this day, a small part of her hopes that it’s really just some kind of deep stratagem). She weathered the troubles quite well, and soon made common cause with Valefor (whom she has come to respect … and some whisper, more than respect) in his war with Aleamon over Stygia. Jezebel’s promotion to Princess was intended to stop this conflict, but has merely driven it mostly underground. She has nominally taken over Malphas’ old Principality, and a bare few of his old Tethers, but the balance of power in Stygia is still unclear.