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There are ten Attributes, each with associated Moves. The Attributes modify the die rolls of player Moves and Advantages. Attributes and their Moves are either passive (triggered automatically when conditions are met) or active (triggered by a character taking a certain action).

Passive Attributes

When creating the PC, the player distributes adjustment values of +2, +1, and 0 across the passive Attributes. There are three passive Attributes: Fortitude, Willpower, and Reflexes.

Active Attributes

When creating the PC, the player distributes adjustment values of +3, +2, +1, +1, 0, −1, and −2 across the active Attributes. There are seven active Attributes: Reason, Intuition, Perception, Coolness, Violence, Charisma, and Soul.



Player Moves are Moves available to all PCs. When a character
executes an action in the story triggering a Move, their player
rolls two ten-sided dice and references the Move’s instructions
to determine what happens, depending on the roll’s
outcome. The gamemaster (GM) describes this outcome in
the story, and in some cases make her own follow-up Moves.

Moves – How does it works?


De olika spelar-arketyper som finns i spelet, samt såna som vi tagit fram själva och hittat på andra sidor.