The Seeker

Seekers are explorers of modern, ancient, and forgotten urban myths. They are bloggers, hackers, and storytellers of the Modern Age.
On the Internet, faceless voices whisper of lies and conspiracies. In abandoned subway stations, someone leaves messages in seemingly meaningless graffiti. If you dig deep enough you’ll find the Truth, but most of us cannot see through the thick fog of misinformation, and we become hopelessly lost in the tempest of propaganda, pornography, and mindless entertainment. The Seeker knows
how to use the Internet to uncover secrets under stones best left unturned. For the Seeker, no price is too great to find the Truth and expose it for public consumption.


Choose your Seeker’s occupation from the list below, or invent one of your choosing.
Student, Unemployed, Blogger, Hacker, Activist, Academic,
Researcher, Parapsychologist, Author, Journalist, Thief, Medium,
Conspiracy Theorist.


Choose 1 or more Dark Secrets. Suggestions:
◊◊Family Secret
◊◊Forbidden Knowledge
◊◊ Occult Experience
◊◊ Strange Disappearance


Choose 2 Disadvantages. Suggestions:
◊◊ Repressed Memories


Choose 3 Advantages from the list below.
◊◊Parkour (Coolness)
◊◊Access the Dark Net (Perception)
◊◊Keen-eyed (Perception)
◊◊Hacker (Reason)
◊◊Prepared (Reason)
◊◊Enhanced Awareness (Soul)
◊◊Stubborn (Soul)
◊◊Endure Trauma (–)


Assign the modifiers +2, +1, and +0 to the three passive attributes:
Fortitude, Reflexes, and Willpower.
Assign the modifiers +3, +2, +1, +1, +0, −1, and −2 to the seven
active attributes: Charisma, Coolness, Intuition, Perception,
Reason, Soul, and Violence.


Select or come up with your own distinguishing features for your
Clothes: Nerdy, second-hand, leather, alternative, casual, durable,
smelly, comfortable, stained or ripped clothes.
Face: Wrinkled, lively, cute, neotenic, pale, grim, smashed, or
innocent face.
Eyes: Clear, hard, tired, bloodshot, doubtful, curious, avoidant,
suspicious, or evaluating eyes.
Body: Lanky, sinewy, robust, fragile, hefty, deformed, wispy,
chubby, bent, short, or youthful body.


Choose a name for your character, suitable to the locale in
which the campaign is set.


Everyone introduces their character by name, looks, and
personality. Take your turn. Write down the other player
characters’ names. Go around the table again to establish your
If you know any of the other player characters from before,
choose one of these options to establish the relationship
between the two of you.
◊◊You entrusted one of the characters with a secret, which
could put you away in prison.
◊◊One of the characters helped you with your investigations.
Take +1 Relation with them.
◊◊You look up to one of the characters. Take +1
Relation with them.
◊◊One of the characters saved your life. Take
+1 Relation with them.
◊◊You have discovered one of the characters
in the act of something criminal,
obscene, or extremely shameful.
◊◊You befriended one of the characters
in the process of assisting
them with some supernatural
trouble. Give her +1 Relation
with you.
Decide the nature of three additional
Relations: One neutral
(0), one meaningful (+1),
and one vital (+2).