The Ronin

The Ronin always teeters at the edge of a bottomless pit. When you’ve run out of options, you
hire The Ronin to solve the problem. They perform any task where compassion and morality are
liabilities, and where mistakes mean prison, death, or worse. The Ronin can never trust anyone.
Yesterday’s employers are tomorrow’s potential targets. Once The Ronin’s hunt has begun, there
is no escape for their prey.



Choose your Ronin’s occupation from the list below, or invent one of your choosing.
Contract killer, Hitman, Special agent, Special ops, Military
experiment, Sniper, Spree killer.


Choose 1 or more Dark Secrets. Suggestions:
◊◊Occult Experience
◊◊Victim of Medical Experiments


Choose 2 Disadvantages. Suggestions:


Choose 3 Advantages from the list below.
◊◊Weapon Master (Coolness)
◊◊Chameleon (Intuition)
◊◊Exit Strategy (Perception)
◊◊Manhunter (Reason)
◊◊Sixth Sense (Soul)
◊◊Lightning Fast (Violence)
◊◊Sniper (Violence)
◊◊Jaded (–)


Assign the modifiers +2, +1, and +0 to the three passive attributes:
Fortitude, Reflexes, and Willpower.
Assign the modifiers +3, +2, +1, +1, +0, −1, and −2 to the seven
active attributes: Charisma, Coolness, Intuition, Perception,
Reason, Soul, and Violence.


Select or come up with your own distinguishing features for your
Clothes: Suit, discreet, black, worn, concealing, extravagant,
fashionable, or practical clothes.
Face: Emaciated, expressionless, mundane, friendly, scarred,
tough, pretty, or smooth face.
Eyes: Grim, appraising, cool, obscured, melancholy, merciless,
or challenging eyes.
Body: Graceful, athletic, small, scarred, strong, massive, wiry,
emaciated, toned, or battered body.


Choose a name for your character, suitable to the locale in
which the campaign is set.


Everyone introduces their character by name, looks,
and personality. Take your turn. Write down the
other player characters’ names. Go around the
table again to establish your Relations.
If you know any of the other player characters
from before, choose one of these options to
establish the relationship between the two of
◊◊One of the characters knows who
you really are. Take +1 Relation with
each other.
◊◊One of the characters knows you
under one of your aliases.
◊◊One of the characters knows
your deepest fear.
◊◊One of the characters owes
their life to you. They take
+1 Relation with you.
◊◊You harbor a secret
passion for one of the
character’s partner.
Take +2 Relation
with that partner.
Decide the nature of
three additional Relations:
One neutral
(0), one meaningful
(+1), and one
vital (+2).