Stamina includes overall health, toughness and resilience. Characters with high Stamina can take more damage in and out of combat, and they recover more quickly from the injuries they do suffer.

• Poor. Your existence is a constant parade of minor (and major) miseries. In life, you got hurt easily and healed slowly.
•• Average. You’re of average health.
••• Good. In life, you seldom succumbed to the illness sweeping around you. In unlife, you resist injury better than many vampires.
•••• Exceptional. You keep going in the face of challenges that exhaust others.
••••• Outstanding. Perhaps Adam and Eve were this vigorous before the Fall.


Dexterity covers the qualities of physical prowess apart from strength, such as speed, agility, coordination and so on. The ability to hit things at a distance and to move gracefully both depend on Dexterity.

• Poor. You are always awkward and often clumsy.
•• Average. You get through life without too many embarassing accidents.
••• Good. You move with notable grace, and you can do well at the athletic efforts that attract your interest.
•••• Exceptional: You could be a professional tumbler or other acrobat, and you have the reflexes to make an outstanding warrior.
••••• Outstanding. You have the constant grace of a demigod.


Strength is a character’s innate muscle power, governing how much he can lift and how hard he can hit. Strength is the Attribute that can provides damage dice for most combat feats, as well as for leaps, shoves and the like.

• Poor. You can lift 40 lbs.
•• Average. You can lift 100 lbs.
••• Good. You can lift 250 lbs.
•••• Exceptional. You can lift 400 lbs.
••••• Outstanding. You lift 650 lbs.; you routinely break the bones of (and otherwise intimidate) anyone who gets in your way.