Frenzy is a state of intense fear or anger that can bloom suddenly and cause the vampire to lose control completely. It is usually provoked by outside circumstances but can sometimes be triggered by a vampire’s own unchecked appetites (see Hunger).
Check for Frenzy by rolling a dice pool equal to current Composure. If you roll at least 1 success (6+), you master your emotions and do not frenzy.
If you don’t get at least 1 success, you Frenzy. In this state you try immediately and indiscriminately to destroy or run away from the source of provocation. You will also call unconsciously on the power of your Blood to help you fight or flee as long as your Hunger is at 5 or less.

Frenzy Provocations:

  • Strong smell of blood when Hunger is 3+
  • Physical provocation
  • Fire (uncontrolled flames)
  • Sunlight
  • Public humiliation
  • (If Blood Bonded) Regnant Hurt