Archery is the ability to use bows, the most common ranged weapon of the era. Experienced archers also know how to maintain and repair their weapons, and even how to make them. Archery covers crossbows and other related weapons. It does not cover spears or other thrown weapons. Using those weapons requires Athletics.

• Novice: You can shoot adequately as long as the situation isn’t too distracting. You can maintain a bow, but not repair it.
•• Practiced: You can hunt and fight competently with the bow. You can maintain and repair a bow, but not craft a new one.
••• Competent: You can use a bow with grace and style, and you can make weapons that are respected for their craftsmanship.
•••• Expert: Warlords and others who need superior archers seek you out.
••••• Master: Neither distance, darkness nor anything else seems capable of stopping your arrows from going precisely where you want them to.

  • Possessed by: Bandits, Foresters, Guards, Poachers, Tournament-Circuit Competitors.
  • Specialties: Ambush, Fields, Forest, Horseback, Hunting, Moving Targets, Quick Shot, Target.