Investigation is the ability to systematically examine one’s environment and analyze the results. It’s the central tool for judicial inquiries, religious searches for heresy and the like. It includes a grasp of the principles of research as well as an eye for detail.

• Novice: You regularly see things that others miss, and it’s hard for people of your home to keep secrets if you choose to seek them out.
•• Practiced: You know how to extract information from others without alarming them, and you can unravel many mysteries.
••• Competent: You can make a living as a professional investigator for religious or secular purposes, and even if you practice some other trade, your acuity is widely respected.
•••• Expert: The most complex and best-concealed matters unravel themselves when you confront them.
••••• Master: When all other means fail and the holy saints do not choose to intervene dirextly with supernatural revelations, people who are bedeviled by the mysterious turn to you.

  • Possessed by: Bounty Hunters, Confessors, Constables, Judges, Parents, Spies, Tax Collectors.
  • Specialties: Accounting, Locate Informant, Record-Keeping, Search, Stalking.