En lista över de Abilites vi använder i vår krönika. Talents Alterness Athletics Brawl Dodge Empathy Intimidation Leadership Subterfuge Skills … More


Theology is the lore of the queen of the sciences, the study of God’s will inall things. It combines historucal … More


Seneschal is the ability to administer holdings, from households to kingdoms. It covers the knowledge of physical assets and their … More


Politics is the theory of the practice of governance: what ancient and modern govenors have written and how people respond … More


Occult encompasses all the lores of supernatural power, most especially those that derive from formal studies, experimentation and treaties (and … More


Medicine is the lore of the human body (and, to a lesser degree, the body as transformed by vampirism, lycanthropy … More


Law is the body of knowledge about justice and its applications to practical affairs. In the Dark Medieval world, Law … More


Investigation is the ability to systematically examine one’s environment and analyze the results. It’s the central tool for judicial inquiries, … More


Academics covers the standard curriculum of the Middle Ages: the trivium of grammar, rhetoric and dialectic and the quadrivum of … More


Commerce is the ability to successfully bring goods to market, with all that entails. It includes the ability to evaluate … More