Politics is the theory of the practice of governance: what ancient and modern govenors have written and how people respond to authority of various sorts. It includes insights into how people gain power, how they maintain it and how they lose it. High levels of Politics include more theory and more information about the practices of realms far from home.

• Novice: You know how things work in your home community and you can usually use the local system get what you want.
•• Practiced: You deal confidently with authorities if you’re outside the hierarchy, or confidently with the governed populace if you hold some local office.
••• Competent: You know how to make use of the hierarchy at every level that thouches your existence, and you can conduct yourself effectively whenever you need to deal with political matters.
•••• Expert: You’re known widely as a competent govenor or advisor, and your comments garner widespread respect.
••••• Master: People look to you as a modern Plato or Cicero.

  • Possessed by: Counselors, Courtiers, Heralds, Jesters, Lords
  • Specialties: City, Fuedal Obligations, Heraldry, Historical, Religious