Seneschal is the ability to administer holdings, from households to kingdoms. It covers the knowledge of physical assets and their needs, from crop harvesting to the maintenance of buildings, and the social skills to coordinate others labor, resolve disputes, keep those who must be paid satisfied and so on.A skilled seneschal can evaluate the state of others’ holdings based on personal experience and theoretical knowledge, too.

• Novice: You can keep your family’s household going smoothly and manage a few other resources as long as there’s no intense pressure or stress.
•• Practiced: You can manage a business or manor and keep almost everyone involved reasonably happy.
••• Competent: You successfully oversee multiple properties over an extended area, even in times of war, famine and other calamity.
•••• Expert: Rulers know that they can give you custody of their lands and goods and get them back in better condition than you received them.
••••• Master: Preachers illustrate the contemporary significance of the parable of the talents with stories of your accomplishments.

  • Possessed by: Innkeepers, Knights, Lords, Seneschals, Stewards, Wives.
  • Specialties: Common Households, Farms, Feudal Estates, Inheritance, Noble Households, Religious Orders, Urban Holdings.