Medicine is the lore of the human body (and, to a lesser degree, the body as transformed by vampirism, lycanthropy and other exotic conditions). Depending on a character’s particular inclination, it may cover both practical relief of trauma and injury, as well as the academic tradition based in Greek and Roman scholarship, which is often greatly mistaken about the realities of anatomy and physiology. Medicine also covers the knowledge of which herbs abd plants are useful for remedying ills.

• Novice: You can fix minor wounds and help people recover from fevers, minor infections and the like.
•• Practiced: You can deal with most common problems, not providing luxury or instant relief from misery but at least keeping people alive long enough for normal healing to run its course.
••• Competent: You can make a living as a surgeon or other medical professional. If you do something else for a living, such as mervenary soldiering, you nonetheless regularly get requests for aid.
•••• Expert: If you devote yourself to treating others, the area in which you live enjoys a particular reputation for health and prosperity. You often achieve new insights into pressing medical problems.
••••• Master: Popular accounts describe how you and the spirit of Hippocrates work together to cheat the imps of Hell from the dying souls they’d otherwise claim.

  • Possessed by: Apothecaries, Barbers, Field Surgeons, Ladies, Midwives, Squires
  • Specialties: Battle Wounds, Childbirth, Diagnosis, Disease, First Aid, Herbs, Minor Surgery, Poison Treatment.