En lista över de Abilites vi använder i vår krönika. Talents Alterness Athletics Brawl Dodge Empathy Intimidation Leadership Subterfuge Skills … More


Subterfuge is the ability to live convincingly and to conceal one’s own motives and feelings. It serves legitimate as well … More


Leadership is the ability to make others carry out orders. It doesn’t change their underlying outlook or convictions; it lets … More


Intimidation is the ability to make others do what you want, not out of respect or conviction but out of … More


Empathy is the ability to understand others’ emotional states and to present a suitable response – whether the character genuinely … More


Dodge is the ability to get out of harm’s way whether in combat or in the face of other sorts … More


Brawl is the ability to fight unarmed, whether with a specific system of techniques or simply flailing away and relying … More


Athletics is aptitude for physical exertion, be it during relatively formal sports or simply in the course of an active … More


Alertness is the ability to notice things that are going on in one’s vicinity, with or without actively searching for … More