Brawl is the ability to fight unarmed, whether with a specific system of techniques or simply flailing away and relying on one’s experience of where and how to strike. Brawling well requires coordination, speed, the ability to withstand pain and the willingness to deal out ”unfair” assaults, particularly against strong or quick opponents.

• Novice: You don’t immediately fold in the face of a fight.
•• Practiced: You’ve had your share of tussles with neighbors and other local brawlers.
••• Competent: You fight with confidence and competence, and you can count on winning or at least coming through a fight and remaining standing.
•••• Expert: You can take on most opponents and expects to win.
••••• Master: You do as much with your fists as many soldiers and knights do with their weapons.

  • Possessed by: Brigands, Bullies, Soldiers.
  • Specialties: Arm-locks, Boxing, Drunken Fighting, Grappling, Showing Off, Throws, Wrestling.