Subterfuge is the ability to live convincingly and to conceal one’s own motives and feelings. It serves legitimate as well as criminal purposes: Diplomats and even confessors sometimes use it to draw out information from others.

• Novice: You get away with small lies most of the time.
•• Practiced: You’re seldom questioned about your chosen explanations.
••• Competent: You maintain the trustworthy demeanor of a professional thief and liar.
•••• Expert: Even wise and noble souls are pawns in your schemes.
••••• Master: Whenever the accusations fly, you’re the last one anyone doubts.

  • Possessed by: Courtiers, Charlatans, Heretics, Minstrels, Spies, Wooers.
  • Specialties: Changing the Subject, Finding Weaknesses, Flattery, Patter, Seduction, Selective Omission.