Leadership is the ability to make others carry out orders. It doesn’t change their underlying outlook or convictions; it lets the would-be leader seem credible or worthy of respect based upon whatever their standards are. It’s usually rolled with Charisma rather than Manipulation to reflect this distinction.

• Novice: You’ve organized small ventrues in your hometown with moderate success.
•• Practiced: You routinely direct small groups of your neighbors and peers.
••• Competent: Your duties include the exercise of authority, such as serving as captain of the guard or abbot of a monastery, and you discharge them well.
•••• Expert: You act capably as a leader of people throughout your region.
••••• Master: You are, or can be if you choose, a great warlord, pillar of the Church or other famous leader of your time.

  • Possessed by: Commanders, Constanbles, Ecclesiastical Authorities, Family Patriarchs, Nobles.
  • Specialties: Commands, Compelling, Friendly, Noble, Oratory, Pious, Stern.