Intimidation is the ability to make others do what you want, not out of respect or conviction but out of fear of the consequences if they disobey. It may include the use of threats, physical force or purely psychological tactics, depending on the individual.

• Novice: You can reliably get your way with much weaker targets.
•• Practiced: People around you know that when you make threats, you mean them, and they try not to cross you.
••• Competent: You exert the commanding presence of an authority figure, regardless of your actual status.
•••• Expert: Even those who like you feel some nervousness in your presence, and the masses fear your wrath.
••••• Master: You are well on your way to becoming one of the legendary tyrants of the age.

  • Possessed by: Bullies, Commanders, Lords, Thugs, Torturers.
  • Specialties: Blackmail, Overt Threats, Physical Coercion, Politics, Pulling Rank, Staredowns, Veiled Threats.