Empathy is the ability to understand others’ emotional states and to present a suitable response – whether the character genuinely sympathizes with others or simply wishes to use them. It’s crucial in unraveling motives and helpfil in detecting dishonesty.

• Novice: You seem sympathetic to people with whom you share something in common.
•• Practiced: You share others’ joys and sorrows, even when you haven’t made any particular effort at it.
••• Competent: You display keen insights into others’ souls and enjoy a measure of respect or fear depending on how you use your wisdom.
•••• Expert: Few people can deceive you. Enemies mutter that you deal with dark powers, and friends believe that God has given you a special perception.
••••• Master: Nothing human is mysterious to you.

  • Possessed by: Commanders, Diviners, Gossips, Merchants, Parents, Priests, Tricksters.
  • Specialties: Background Emotions, Emotions, Family Problem, Long-Term Concerns, Personalities, Truths.