Melee is the ability to fight with hand-to-hand weapons, from sticks and clubs to swords and more exotic weapons, depending on the details of the characters training. Like Archery, Melee includes the ability to maintain one’s weapons (and even to make them), but manufacturing metal weapons requires Crafts.

• Novice: You can handle simple weapons and any weapons that are particularly popular in the area where you grew up. You can maintain but not repair a weapon.
•• Practiced: You can fight moderately well with common weapons. You can do basic repairs on an axe or other simple melee weapons.
••• Competent: You know how to use a variety of weapons well, and you can make a living as a professional soldier if you choose. You can do basic repairs on a sword or more complex melee weapon. You can manufacture simple melee weapons.
•••• Expert: You routinely distinguish yourself in battles, tournaments and other martial displays.
••••• Master: Everyone who uses your favored weapons knows your deeds – which may breed challenges as well as respect.

  • Possessed by: Barbarians, Guards, Lords, Soldiers, Thieves
  • Specialties: Axes, Clubs, Disarms, Knives, Multiple Opponents, Rapid Draws, Swords, Team Tactics