Performance is the ability to perform artistic feats. It covers both the technical aspects of the chosen form of expression and the social knowledge of what audiences like. Performance is a catch-all Ability, and you should choose a field of expertise when you first purchase it. You can buy aditional fields of expertise with expirience or bonus points. Performance is useful outside your field of expertise to evaluate another’s skill.

• Novice: You can entertain friends and family when more skillful alternatives aren’t available.
•• Practiced: You take part in local entertainments on a regular basis, and you do fairly well at them.
••• Competent: You can make a living as an entertainer, and you enjoy a reputation as a good one to call upon.
•••• Expert: Your fellow performers study your work carefully. The masses flock to see you in your specialty.
••••• Master: You can pick and choose your audiences, and you are allwaysin demand almost everywhere you go.

  • Possessed by: Musicians, Troubadours, Actors, Ladies, Spinsters, Monks and Nuns.
  • Specialties: Acting, Dance, Percussion, Singing, Stringed Instruments, Wind Instruments.