This is the ability to cope with the challenges of harsh environments: shelter, navigating to civilization, foraging for food and water, hunting and so on. It includes knowledge of the common threats posed by a particular sort of wilderness, such as forest or swamp. Stealth rolls in wilderness cannot include more dice from stealth than the character has dots in survival.

• Novice: You can cope with the routine challenges of whatever sort of wilderness was closest to your home.
•• Practiced: You won’t starve in most environments, though it won’t be comfortable until you get to the next settlement.
••• Competent: You can get yourself and others to safety in most circumstances, and you can make an effective living off the fruits of hunting, trapping and the like.
•••• Expert: You can blaze new paths through the unbroken wilderness and cope with almost any challenge that the natural world can throw at you.
••••• Master: The dark powers of the night (and day) in the lands beyond civilization hold no terror for you.

  • Possessed by: Bandits, Barbarians, Crusaders, Penitents, Pilgrims, Refugees, Hunters
  • Specialties: Coasts and Shallows, Deep Sea, Deserts, Foraging, Forests, Hunting, Marshes and Swamps, Mountains, Tracking, Trailblazing.