Stealth is the ability to move without alerting others – to enter without permission, remain undetected while about one’s self-appointed business and to leave without creating a stir. You generally roll this Skill in combination with Dexterity against observers’ Perception + Alertness. It does not cover sleight-of-hand, which is the domain of Legerdemain.

• Novice: You can make your way through familiar places without attracting attention as long as no one’s searching very actively for you.
•• Practiced: You can hide yourself fairly well in unfamilliar places that are related to something you know, such as any church following the standard orientation.
••• Competent: You move in mysterious ways, and it takes dedicated effort to keep you out of most places you’d like to go.
•••• Expert: You enjoy the reputation of being able to bypass almost all barriers… which makes you a frequent target of suspicion, as well as valuable to those who have need of stealthy allies.
••••• Master: You feature in the ballads of master thieves, questing knights who make their way into the Grail Castle and others who triumph over all obstacles. Your gift seems holy or wicked depending on how you apply it.

  • Possessed by: Burglars, Hunters, Scouts, Shy People, Spies.
  • Specialties: Crawling, Crowds, Prowl, Shadows, Wilderness, Tracking