Genealogy of the Vampires in the World of Darkness

This is the list of 2615 known vampires. Of course, all this is alleged in White Wolf’s books and the names, history and characteristics of these vampires is © White Wolf. Feel free to consider this file as a list of what they want us to believe… Your Storyteller may or should have his own view of the World of Darkness. You can send me updates… I added some information from non White Wolf sources that can be found on the web. Those are in dark green. The acronyms used to make references to the books can be seen on this list.

About Caine and his progeny, about the Antediluvians.
A table, chronologically sorted.
The biggest genealogy trees.
Of course many undeads are missing on this list : look at the expected numbers.
The rationale for the classification of clans and bloodlines below.


The List: