Road of Kings – Path of the Vizier

10 Neglecting your duty.
9 Treating a peer with disrespect.
8 Openly usurping power.
7 Breaking your word to a peer.
6 Behaving shamefully before your peers.
5 Showing a lack of knowledge in front of inferiors.
4 Failing to answer a challenge to your knowledge or integrity.
3 Treating a superior with disrespect.
2 Breaking your word to your superiors.
1 Breaking a sworn oath.

Path of Metamorphosis

The Path of Metamorphosis is a Path of Enlightenment that controls the Beast by studying its limits and the limits of vampirism in general. The Path is the result of the earlier Road of Metamorphosis and it is practiced mostly by the Tzimisce clan.


The Path of Metamorphosis is one of the most inhumane paths. For its followers, the world is made up of evolutionary chains. Animals are below humans, who are below the Kindred. The metaphysical, arcane members of Clan Tzimisce follow this Path since their settling within the lands around the Carpathian mountains, which focuses on defining and attaining the state of being beyond the curse of vampirism. Citing their transformative use of Vicissitude, the Tzimisce believe they have the potential to transcend the constraints of the flesh.

They believe that the next step is a state akin to apotheosis, which they call Azhi Dahaka, after the dragon of persian mythology and they will do anything — anything — to achieve it. It is a distant, lonely philosophy, removed from any needs other than the matter of sustenance. Followers should be heedless of others around them, existing only to satisfy their personal concerns, until they achieve Azhi Dahaka, which will completly separate them from rest of the world in a similar manner to an inverted Nirvana. Metamorphosists often face a different problem from those who walk other Paths: Rather than struggling to uphold the tenets of their Path, Metamorphosists struggle to discover just what those tenets actually are, each for themselves. Most followers of the path keep a journal of sorts, classically called the Phrygian Codex, which details their journey to Metamorphosis. Codizes of Elder Metamorphosist are highly prized by their younger contemporaries.

For most Metamorphosists, physical change precedes spiritual change. Some believe, despite the obvious evidence of their undead existence, that no creature possesses a soul and that the Curse of Caine represents flesh run rampant, flesh liberated from the obliterating cycle of life and death. Others hold that the soul is just the body summarized. As a result, most prize the use of Vicissitude and/or Protean for the shapeshifting powers these disciplines lend.

Metamorphosists see potential in the undead form. They strengthen their bones to weather crushing blows or sharpen them into pikes for impaling enemies. They relocate their vital organs to make their digestion of blood more efficient. Others ignore the physical element and, instead, seek to exploit the peculiar nature of undeath. Some such Metamorphosists feed only on their fellow Cainites, believing that an aversion to mortal blood is a sign of metaphysical superiority. There are many approaches to Azhi Dahaka, but ultimatly, no one can say which road is the most efficient.

Metamorphosists are cold, utterly inhuman, and exactingly scientific. Their concerns are metaphysical rather than ethical, and it is precisely this frame of mind that leads many to believe that the Metamorphosists have literally begun their transformation into something else. Some take this a step further by altering their flesh in various means until they no longer have a recognizable gender or look even remotely human. For this sake, many adopt the Sabbat, but pay merely lip services to the sect in order to continue their studies.



  • Learn the characteristics of all stages of life and death
  • One should not concern oneself overly with mortals, as they are inherently inferior to even the lowest kindred
  • Do not share knowledge with others, as its value lies in achieving it alone
  • Indulge the Beast and deny it; true comprehension requires a broad range of experience
  • Alter your body in every possible way to find a way to fundamentally alter the soul
  • Do not heed the needs or desires of others, as their lack of introspection may distract even the keenest intellect


Hierarchy of Sins

Morality Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Postponing feeding when hungry. Hunger causes distraction.
9 Indulging in pleasure. Hedonism deters one from greater ends.
8 Asking another for knowledge The lessons of Metamorphosis are secrets that must be uncovered, not copied.
7 Sharing knowledge with another Knowledge must be learned,not simply illustrated
6 Refusing to kill, when knowledge may be gained from it. Before superseding death, the Metamorphosist must understand the phenomenon.
5 Failing to ride out a Frenzy A Kindred must know the Beast to transcend it.
4 Considering the needs of others. Those who can’t be bothered to attain Metamorphosis are beneath one’s attention.
3 Failure to experiment, even at risk to oneself. The Path may be understood only through empirical research.
2 Neglecting to alter one’s own body Physical change must be attained before any more significant metamorphosis.
1 Exhibiting compassion for others. The fates of others drag one into devolution, not transcendence.



Humanity and Torpor

Vampires who enter torpor due to wounds must rest for a period depending on their Humanity or Path rating:

Humanity Rating Length of Torpor
10 One day
9 Three days
8 One week
7 Two weeks
6 One month
5 One year
4 One decade
3 Five decades
2 One century
1 Five centuries
0 Millennium+

The Path of Power and the Inner Voice

The Path of Power and the Inner Voice is a Path of Enlightenment that controls the Beast through rigorous determination and the amassing of worldly power.


  • Never tolerate failure, especially your own
  • Be sparse with rewards
  • Always strive for control by any means necessary
  • Never show weakness
  • Use every emotion to dominate your fellows
  • Respect those above you, but replace them when they falter

Hierarchy of Sins

Morality Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Denying responsibility for your actions. Dereliction of responsibility is a failure to lead properly.
9 Treating your underlings poorly. Reward competence as an incentive, but do so sparingly.
8 Failing to respect your superiors. Give the respect that is due, that you might learn something in turn.
7 Helping others without gaining an advantage. Always gain something from your actions.
6 Accepting defeat Succeed, or die.
5 Failing to kill when it suits your interests. Do not hesitate to eliminate those who would stand against you
4 Submitting to the errors of others. Be right and you will be vindicated. Follow a fool and you will suffer for it.
3 Not using the most effective tool for control. Power must be seized. Be iron-fisted and resolute.
2 Not punishing failure. Failure is instructive only when used as a negative example.
1 Turning down an opportunity for power. Personal power is the means to all ends.

Path of Caine

The Path of Caine is a Path of Enlightenment that emulates the Dark Father in order to ward off the Beast. Due to its strong ties with Noddism, it’s almost exclusively found in the ranks of the Sabbat.


  • Restrain yourself and never give in to extremes
  • Develop your Willpower
  • Never give into your Beast
  • Learn as much as possible about the vampiric history and the First Vampire
  • Take the blood of those who are unworthy in order to come closer to Caine
  • Accept your condition and that you are no longer human
  • If possible, leave the children of Seth (Humans) alone and coexist with them

Hierarchy of Sins

Morality Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Failing to research or study. The search for truth requires dedication.
9 Failing to teach another vampire about the Path All vampires must have the opportunity to explore their potential.
8 Treating mortals as equals Caine was separated from mortals; as all vampires should be.
7 Disrespecting other students of Caine All of the Children of Caine deserve the respect due their heritage, as long as they strive to understand themselves.
6 Failing to ”ride the wave” of a Frenzy Direct the Beast; don’t be directed by it.
5 Succumbing to Rötschreck Master your fear. Terror is for lesser beings.
4 Failing to diablerize a ”humane” vampire Those who don’t explore their potential forfeit that potential.
3 Not testing the limits of your condition Develop your capabilities to their limits in order to discern your true nature.
2 Failing to pursue knowledge about Caine and vampirism Every scrap of knowledge adds a piece to the puzzle of undead existence.
1 Denying your hunger or other parts of the vampiric condition To be a vampire, one must satisfy a vampire’s needs.


Path of the Feral Heart

The Path of the Feral Heart is a Path of Enlightenment practiced among the Sabbat, especially by members of Clan Gangrel. It controls the Beast by accepting its urges as natural and accepting their role as a hunter among hunters. It is a variant of the Path of the Beast, and splintered from the Path of Harmony.



  • Survival is your first concern.
  • Politics or technology simply get in the way of the hunt.
  • Learn to strike a balance with your Beast. Engage in the brutal actions necessary to survive, but retain your intelligence and cunning.
  • The ”natural world” is an illusion. All things must live according to their forms, and even civilization is natural because it is the form of humanity.
  • Although fire can kill you, you must master your fear so that you kan kill those who whould use it against you.
  • Whether running alone or with a pack, your loyalities must be absolute. You have no time for shiftning allegiances.

Hierarchy of Sins

Morality Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Hunting with means other than your own vampiric powers. The perfect hunter needs no tools.
9 Engaging in politics. Political struggles don’t yield sustenance.
8 Remaining in the presence of fire or sunlight, except to kill an enemy There’s no sense in courting Final Death.
7 Acting in a overly cruel manner Death is natural; feeding is natural; Torture and cruelty aren’t.
6 Failing to sate your hunger. The vampire’s purpose is to feed.
5 Failing to support your allies. Support your family, and it’ll support you.
4 Killing without need. A dead vessel may not be fed from in the future.
3 Failing to follow ones instincts. Instinct is the basis of predatory nature.
2 Killing a creature for other reasons than for survival A kill’s purpose is sustenance.
1 Refusing to kill to survive. Vampires are hunters; everyone else is the hunted.

Path of Humanity

Humanity is a measure of how closely a vampire clings to the morality and values of mortal life , and consequently how well they are able to resist the urges of the Beast.Humanity is a measure of how closely a vampire clings to the morality and values of mortal life , and consequently how well they are able to resist the urges of the Beast.


Hierarchy of Sins

Humanity Rating Moral Guideline
10 Selfish thoughts
9 Minor selfish acts
8 Injury to another (accidental or otherwise)
7 Theft
6 Accidental violation (drinking a vessel dry out of starvation)
5 Intentional property damage
4 Impassioned violation (manslaughter, killing a vessel in frenzy)
3 Planned violation (outright murder, savored exsanguination)
2 Casual violation (thoughtless killing, feeding past satiation)
1 Utter perversion or heinous acts
0 No moral values. Must sleep, must feed, must kill


Wassail is the last frenzy a vampire experiences – the one that causes Humanity to drop from 1 to 0 and puts the vampire entirely and permanently under control of the Beast. Once a vampire enters Wassail, he is lost forever.

A vampire who has undergone the Wassail is known as a Wight.