Intelligence includes a character’s ability to master facts and knowledge, recall them at need and put them together to produce new insights. Problem-solving and logic lie within the domain of Intelligence. It does not include common sense, moral judgement or other useful qualities, and the clever but inept scholar is as much a medieval stereotype as a modern one. Depending on the individual, low Intelligence many indicate actual impairment in mental faculties or poor use of one’s potential.

• Poor. If you’re not actually a half-wit, surely you have less than one full wit.
•• Average. You’re remarkable, and you manage to get through life without too much bewilderment.
••• Good. You’re insightful, and you can count on making sense of many mysteries.
•••• Exceptional. You learn much, forget little and routinely make innovations in your chosen field.
••••• Outstanding. You’re a latter-day Solomon or Odysseus.