For some Cainites, the mortal world moves in slow motion. In times of stress, vampires with Celerity can move with amazing speed, becoming blurs of motion to anyone, mortal or immortal, who does not possess the Discipline. Celerity is common to the Assamite, Brujah and Toreador clans. The Assamites utilize the Discipline to strike down their foes before they can mount a counterattack. Toreador are more likely to use the Discipline to lend supernatural grace to live performances such as a dance, but can be as terrifying as Assamites if they are angered.

This extraordinary speed violates the laws of physics in that the Cainite doesn’t experience any change in momentum, friction, etc. A knife thrown by someone using Celerity isn’t any faster, and a vampire moving at incredible speeds will never catch fire no matter how fast they move.

Although Celerity is a common discipline, its similarity to Temporis seems to place its origin with Clan Brujah. Any vampire who learns Temporis (and any True Brujah, who have an affiliation in the blood for it) may never learn or use Celerity.

As part of the Curse upon Caine, heavy reliance on Celerity can lead to impatience with the slow pace of nightly life, leaving the vampire hungry and exhausted after each use. To great accustomization to the slow world that a vampire sees when Celerity is active, can lead to disorientation when the world “speeds up” as the Discipline ends.

Menu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Alacrity:
Description: You are capable of an incredibly fast response time. By activating Alacrity, you have the ability to make incredibly rapid movements, increasing both dexterity and reflexes.
System: When you Rouse Blood to activate Alacrity, your Initiative value doubles, and you can add your Celerity rating to all rolls involving Physical(Dexterity) and/or Athletics. Alacrity lasts for one scene.

Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Swiftness:
Description: Your body responds so quickly that the world around you seems to slow down. You can use this extra time to avoid dangers that would otherwise be unavoidable.
System: Rouse the Blood to activate Swiftness for one scene. While active, Swiftness allows you to use your Dodge skill against firearms even with no cover without losing your next action. You also don’t suffer penalties when fighting multiple opponents.

Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Rapidity:
Description: You can move faster than humanly possible. Before a normal human can move or breathe, you are already acting a second time.
System: When you Rouse Blood to activate Rapidity, you gain an extra Action (including normal movement) at the end of the round. This action can only be used for physical activities. Rapidity lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Celerity rating.

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