Thaumaturgy – Sylvus Praesul

Sub umbris nemorum solum mors est invenienda
(under skogens skuggor väntar endast döden)


• A Redwood Heart
• A vampiric host
• Blood sacrifice under every full moon, during 13 month

Tid mellan två fullmånar

The time between two full moons (and between successive occurrences of the same phase) is about 29.53 days (29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes)


Lunar year

Old English 13-month lunar year

In England, a calendar of thirteen months of 28 days each, plus one extra day, known as ”a year and a day” was still in use up to Tudor times. This would be a hybrid calendar that had substituted regular weeks of seven days for actual quarter-lunations, so that one month had exactly four weeks, regardless of the actual moon phase. The ”lunar year” is here considered to have 364 days, resulting in a solar year of ”a year and a day”.

As a religious tradition, the thirteen-month years survived among European peasants for more than a millennium[citation needed] after the adoption of the Julian Calendar and now the Gregorian Calendar.

The ”Edwardian” (probably Edward II, late 13th or early 14th century) ballad of Robin Hood for example has ”How many merry months be in the year? / There are thirteen, I say …”, amended by a Tudor editor to ”…There are but twelve, I say….”. Robert Graves in the introductions to Greek Myths comments on this with ”Thirteen, the number of the sun’s death-month, has never lost its evil reputation among the superstitious.”

Even in the late 20th century, British financial institutions were still administering lunar mortgages, requiring an annual adjustment.

Ur ritualen skapas en ”miniatyr” av ett RedWood träd (Tar lite mer än ett fullt år innan den är färdigskapad), ungefär 1 meter bred och 10-15 meter högt. Trädet fungerar sedan som tillflyktsort för gargoylen under dagarna (Varje dag den inte kunnat återvända till sitt träd förlorar den 1 i alla sina fysiska grundegenskaper tills någon av dem når 0 och den vittrar sönder.

Giselles version

De sleutel tot de bosbeschermer ligt binnen het hart van de karmozijnrode bewaarders. In donkerst van nachten, moet het zaad in de vampiergastheer worden geplant en onder bloed doorweekte grond worden begraven.

Het kind moet dan worden gevoed en verzorgd met het nog warme bloed van een moeder onder volledige cirkel van het maanjaar, bij elke nacht onder glans van bleekst van manen.

The key to the forrest guardian lies within the heart of the crimson keepers. In the darkest of nights, the seed must be planted into the vampire host and buried under blood drenched soil

The childe must then be fed and nursed with the still warm blood of a mother under full circle of the lunar year, at every night under the shine of the palest of moons.