Xcom 2 Konsoll Koder

From u/gigabytemon

Activating the console

Go to XCOM2’s launch options and add in the line “-allowconsole -log -autodebug” without quotation marks. Once you’re done, you can open the console from in-game using the tilde (~) key.

Console Commands

Give Resource

GiveResource [ResourceName] [Quantity]
(eg: GiveResource Supplies 500)
(This requires you to have at least one of that resource before you can add any more.)

AddItem [ResourceName] [Quantity]
(This adds the item/resource, without needing at least one. Thanks /u/Altoran!

Resource Names:

Item Names:

HeavyPlatedArmor (EXO Suit)
LightPlatedArmor (Spider Suit)
HeavyPoweredArmor (WAR Suit)
LightPoweredArmor (Wraith Suit)

FlamethrowerMk2 (Hellfire Projector)
IncendiaryRounds (Dragon rounds)

(Thanks /u/Hikatokage for the awesome list!)

(eg: AddItem CorpseAdventShieldbearer 10 - will give me 10 Advent Shieldbearer corpses)
    UnitName can be: Sectoid, AdventTrooper, AdventOfficer, 
    AdventStunLancer, AdventShieldbearer, Faceless, Viper, Berserker, Archon,
    Muton, Cryssalid, Sectopod, Andromedon, Gatekeeper, Avatar

(eg: AddItem AimUpgrade_sup 10 - will give me 10 Superior Scopes)
    Addon can be: Aim, Clipsize, Crit, FreeKill, FreeFire, MissDamage, Reload
    Quality can be: bsc (Basic), adv (Advanced), sup (Superior)

(eg: AddItem EpicPCSConditioning 5 - will give me 5 Advanced Conditioning (+4 HP) PCS)
    pcsName can be: Speed, Conditioning, Focus, Perception, Agility
    Quality can be: Common (Normal), Rare (Advanced), Epic (Superior)
    (Thanks again, /u/Hikatokage!)

Give Scientists/Engineers

You can only get one scientist or engineer at a time since XCOM 2 
treats them all as actual units instead of counters like with XCOM:EU/EW. 
The scientist/engineer level determines how effective they are at their job. 
Higher level = higher speed boost in construction/research. I don't know of 
any hard caps as to what the level maximum may be.

GiveScientist [Level]
GiveEngineer [Level]

Give Technology

GiveTech [TechName]
    TechName can be:




General Commands

SkipAI (skips the AI turn, useful for getting past AI turns that never seem to end. Thanks /u/X-Heiko!)
PowerUp (godmode, no damage, no reload required)
TakeNoDamage (only no damage)
ToggleUnlimitedActions (infinite AP)
    WARNING: The enemy AI can use this too if you don't disable it before ending your turn)
ForceCritHits (forces critical hits)
    WARNING: The enemy AI can use this too if you don't disable it before ending your turn)
GiveActionPoints [Number] - (Gives [Number] action points to the selected unit)
    (Remember that sniper rifles take 2 action points to fire)
ToggleUnlimitedAmmo (no reload)
Togglefow (reveals the map, but enemies remain hidden until spotted by your soldiers)
ToggleSquadConcealment (Conceals your squad. Note the enemy will still remain alerted)

TTC ("Teleport to cursor", teleports the selected unit to your mouse pointer)
TATC ("Teleport all to cursor", teleports all units to your mouse pointer. 

LevelUpBarracks [Number] - Level up all soldiers in the barracks by [Number] ranks
MakeSoldierAClass [ClassName] - Turns a soldier into a specified class
HealAllSoldiers - Heals everyone in the barracks instantly (thanks /u/legoman5746!)
(Eg: MakeSoldierAClass "Jane Kelly" Ranger -- this will turn Jane Kelly into a Ranger.
The quotation marks are required, and make sure to omit the nickname.)
    ClassName can be: 

RemoveFortressDoom [Number] - Removes [Number] levels of Avatar Project progress
    Note: You can only remove Avatar progress that isn't from the extra Avatar facilities. 
    So if you have two facilities that each have 3 bars of progress, your Avatar progress will
    not go below 6 until you destroy them.

GiveFacility [FacilityName] [MapIndex] (thanks /u/Slane666!)
    (NOTE: Spawning facilities DOES NOT CLEAR OUT ALIEN DEBRIS! Thanks /u/Glayn!)
    Not sure what the facility names can be, but here are some reasonable guesses:
    UFODefense (Defense Matrix)
    PsiChamber (Psi Labs)
    OfficerTrainingschool (GTS)

    MapIndex numbers start from 3 on the top left, so it goes like
    3 | 4 | 5
    6 | 7 | 8
    9 | 10| 11
    12| 13| 14

Shadowrun [Snes]

Full Walkthrough 

When you first wake up bring up the pointer and examine the slab you were
lying in, when you do a piece of paper will fall out. Pick it up to get the
‘Torn Paper.’ Also examine the table in the middle at the bottom to find a
‘Scalpel.’ Open the upper fridge of the two and grab the ‘Slap Patch.’ With
that it’s time to leave the room and the whole building entirely. When you
get outside a guy will approach you. He’ll automatically teach you the
“Hitmen” word, but talk to him again to learn the “Firearm” word. That’s all
he has to teach you so let him go. Over on your right you’ll see a dog behind
the fence, at the top the gate is kind of bent, examine it and choose to open
the gate. Pick up the ‘Dog Collar’ from the ground here. Take the left exit
here, on the next screen there is a set of stairs going down to the lower left
into a kind of underground alley. When you get down there you’ll be attacked
by an ogre, not to worry however! On the corpse is a ‘Baretta Pistol’ you can
pick up. Go into the menu and equip the pistol and then shoot that damn Orc.
After he;s dead examine his body and then pick up the ‘Leather Jacket’ that
appears. Be sure to equip this item, it won’t do much good if you aren’t
wearing it. Head to the upper left where you’ll be approached by the dog.
Talk to it to learn the word “Dog” but that’s about all you can do.

Return to the first outdoor screen you appeared on when you first left the
morgue building. Take the South exit and then go into the first building you
pass, there should be two doors in here. Enter the first room and examine the
corpse on the ground. After that a key should fall out, pick up the ‘Door
Key.’ Also be sure to grab the ‘Memo’ off the table. Leave this building
then go right and up. On the next screen you’ll find another building with
all sorts of doors. Approach the third door on the right, open your inventory
and use the Door Key on it to open it. This is your new home base, you can
sleep on the bed and restore your HP whenever you wish. Pick up the ‘Ripped
Note’ from your desk, the ‘Shades’ form your bedside table and open the filing
cabinet to find ’20 Nuyen.’ Also be sure to examine your phone (it’s a video
phone, hanging on the wall.) Before leaving be sure to open the menu and use
the Shades, you can tell if it worked if he is wearing them on the picture in
the menu screen. That covers the basics, time to start doing some real work.

Leave your apartment and return to the fountain area, head left one screen
then go through the door in the middle here. In the first room you might find
some enemies, kill them and then examine the desk in the centre to get a
‘Paperweight.’ Go into the second room and examine the object beside the
computer on the left to get a ‘Cyberdeck.’ Leave this building and go up into
the next one you pass. Check the second room and speak to the man. Talk to
him to learn the word “Shadowrunners.” Ask about shadowrunnders to learn the
word “Hiring.” Ask about hiring to learn the word “Negotiation.” If you ask
about firearms you can purchase a grenade from him for 100 Nuyen. Leave this
building as well and go left to reach the Grim Reaper Club.

You’re about to learn a hell of a lot of new words. Speak to the bartender
once and then choose exit, he’ll go get you a drink. Pick up the ‘Iced Tea’
he sets down on the table. Speak to him once again and ask about
shadowrunners to learn the word “Decker” then ask about deckers to learn the
word “Datajack.” Next speak with the busy man on the right side, talk to him
to learn the word “Heal” then ask him about heal to learn the word “Street
Doc.” Approach the man sitting at the table on the left side and talk to him,
you’ll find he doesn’t exactly have much to say. Open your inventory and use
the Iced Tea on him. That will get his lips flapping. Talk to him to learn
the word “Tickets.” Ask about tickets and you’ll learn the words “Maria” and
“Grinder.” Ask him about “Grinder” to learn the word “Lone Star.”

Leave the bar and go back into the building on the right. Speak to the man in
the second room and ask about Lone Star. He’ll offer to sell you the
‘LoneStar Badge’ for 150 Nuyen, and you’ll need it. If you don’t have the
money simply go into the room next to this one, kill enemies and loot their
corpses. Enemies respawn don’t forget. Go into your inventory and use the
Lone Star ID badge. Once it’s tacked onto your pocket return to the very
start of the game, the morgue where you were first brought in. If the
morticians are afraid of you it’s because you aren’t wearing the shades.
Speak to the mortician standing further down and ask about Grinder, tell him
you want to see the files. Examine the filing cabinet on the right to get a
‘Credstick’ then the one on the left to get the ‘Tickets.’

Return to the Grim Reaper Club and take the upper right path. Keep going up
and right until you reach The Cage, a large club. Open up your inventory and
use the Credstick on the phone here afer examining he ripped note to see
Sassie’s phone number. Talk to her and you’ll earn the word “Calls.” Ask
about calls to learn the word “Glutman” and get a new phone number. Hang up
and use the phone again, this time call Glutman. Open your inventory and give
the Tickets to the bouncer to be let inside. Speak to the guy on the left and
talk to him to learn the words “Ghouls.” Leave The Cage and go left, you’ll
come across a gate here. This leads into the cemetery he was talking about.

Enter the cemetery and ignore the enemies, go to the far left crypt and use
the scalpel on the door to pry it open. Inside find the indian shaman on the
ground, he’s wounded so use the Slap Patch on him to bring him about. Right
away he teaches you the word “Shaman.” Talk to him to learn the word “Magic
Fetish.” Leave this crypt and check all the other ones, examining the coffins
to see if any of them drop piles of Nuyen. Stand out in the main cemetery
shooting ghouls as they come at you, eventually one of them will drop a ‘Ghoul
Bone.’ Take the Ghoul Bone and make your way back to The Cage again. After
you do this next thing you won’t be able to return to this part of town for
awhile so you should make sure you’re ready to go. Speak with the shady
character sitting on the couch on the left side and talk to him. After that
simply choose exit to end the conversation and it’s off to the caryards.

Head down and speak to the woman, she’ll teach yoy the word “Caryards.” Ask
her about the caryards to learn the word “King.” After speaking to her speak
to the guy sitting against the barrel, talk to him to learn the word “The
Matrix.” Next speak to the guy who’s running around and you’ll automatically
learn the word “Drake.” Speak to the first guy sitting beside the car on the
left and ask him about the kind to learn the word “Nuyen.”

Basically what you need to do in the car yards is head over to the right side
and start fighting enemies on the other screen over and over and over again,
building up your karma to upgrade strength, firearms, but most importantly
your body. Once you’ve upgraded a fair bit you can go fight in the area. You
need to win four matches before you can afford to pay the 4000 Nuyen the King
wants to let you out, but there’s a better way… you can king the kill
instead. Ask the area owner about the King to start the battle, but be
careful, if you die you’re dead. He’s pretty hard but beatable even with the
Baretta Pistol if you’ve upgraded yourself enough. It’ll make it so you have
a lot more cash when you get out and you’ll need it for good reason.

Leave the caryards and follow the road outside all the way to the end. When
you reach the end go into the shop on the right, you can purchase a number of
firearms here. If you won enough money in the arena you should buy the most
expensive gun, the shotgun for 15,000. It’s worth it. After you’ve upgraded
your gun and hopefully armour as well the best thing to do is return to the
arena once again with your new equipment and try and wipe the place out. It’s
pretty difficult but it shouldn’t take too much leveling before you can
eliminate them all. If you’ve got the cash you should clean out the shaman’s
shop as well. Speak to him and learn the word “Talismans.”

Leave the shop and head down the street one screen, just past the dumpsters on
the right you’ll find an alley way. Follow this alley to find the Street Doc.
Ask him about the Datajack to learn the word “Examination.” Ask about
Examination and pay the 500 Nuyen to learn the word “Cortex Bomb” because you
now have one stuck in your head. Talk to him and ask about Cortex Bomb to get
your money back. Now with it ticking in your head it’s time to go to the
monorail which is located just outside the entrance to the caryards. Head all
the way left until you reach the monorail and ride it to Daley Station.

When you leave this area you’ll be attacked by two ferocious orcs. After you
kill both of them a chat window opens. Choose talk to learn the word “Rust
Stilettos.” Examine his body after to find an ‘Iron Key.’ Descend the stairs
and speak with the dog, nothing much you can learn from it so take the lower
right exit out of here. From this next area take the upper right exit, cross
the street, ignore the stairs and follow the sidewalk down and to the right.
This will lead you to a building with a secretary standing inside. Speak with
her and ask about the Cortex Bomb. Hopefully you’ve got 2000 Nuyen because
that’s what it’s going to cost to have it removed. Speak to the doctor after
and ask him about Cortext Bomb, then exit. He’ll fix you right up from there.

After it’s fixed you’ll learn the word “Cyberware,” “Head Computer” and
“Matrix Systems” if you talk to him. Examine the stuff on the lower table
right now, the Boosted Reflexes are a little expensive but you can probably
buy the Skill Software, it would be a good idea. With that you need to once
again return to the very first area of the game, it’s quite easy to do with
the monorails. When you’re back again head to the entrance of the morgue
where you started, then go one screen left and into the big building.

Enter the second room and use your Cyberdeck on the computer in the back.
What you need to do basically is get to those clear boxes at the other side
but some of the panels are set with traps. Using the B button which drains
your HP a little you can check for traps each time before you move. If you
check and see “Combat Failed” then keep doing it until the panel explodes.
Never let the meter run out though, you will die. Be sure to jack out then go
and heal before trying again. Inside here you’ll find Glutman’s account and
‘1000 Nuyen.’ Before leaving head to the large fountain and use your Potion
Bottles on it to fill them with water. Now return back to the third area.

Descend the stairs outside the train station and make an immediate left. Take
the lower right path at this fork then the lower left path at the next one.
Now you’ll find yourself at the docks, kill the Massive Orc here and then go
thorugh the door above him, it’s in the wall, kind of hard to see. You’ll
find a computer in the back. Use your Cyberdeck and get the files from inside
it. You’ll get another data file and ‘2000 Nuyen.’ Leave this room and head
all the way left to reach the end of the dock, there’s a door at the very far
end. Inside you’ll find a girl and when you approach her she turns into an
octopus. Just shoot it until it dies then get the ‘2000 Nuyen’ and use your
Black Bottle on the pool of ink to fill the Black Bottle with the ink.

It’s time to leave the docks, on the way out run down to the end of the first
dock and speak to the fat guy there to learn the word “Docks.” Return to the
three way split and take the upper left path to reach the 4-way again. Take
the lower left path and go through the first door, this is the hotel. You
might want to rent yourself a room and take a rest here. After that head back
to the road fork and take the upper left path. Follow it straight in that
direction to reach the Wastelands club. Kill the Orc inside then talk to the
bartender to learn the word “Ice.” Leave the club and take the upper right
path, ignoring the grenade on the ground to reach Rust Stiletto turf.

Kill all the guys outside here and then use that Iron Key on the door to get
it open. Inside you’ll have to fight some more enemies which can be rather
difficult, but still no match for your awesome power. Two more Orcs come out
of the door, on the second one you kill be sure to pick up the ‘Crowbar.’ In
the next room is a very dangerous fight since you’ll be teamed up on by five
enemies. Start by killing the guy who runs at you (grenade guy) then aim for
the gang leader in the top corner. When he dies, don’t even bother talking to
him and pick off the last three guys. Be sure you get the ‘Password’ off the
Gang Leader’s corpse. After this it’s time to go back to the hotel and rest.

When you go left outside the hotel and speak to the bouncer, he’ll let you in
for 50 Nuyen since you killed off that gang. Approach the phone and stand
just to the right of it, when the singer girl stands in the middle you should
be just close enough to talk to her. When you talk to her she warps down
beside you, ask her about Dog to get the ‘Enchanted Leaves.’ Also be sure to
hire Kitsune, as you need her for an upcoming event. She’s not required but
if you do not finish it with her at your side, she is gone forever. Speak to
the club manager at the upper right to learn the word “Kitsune.”

Now that you have the Dog Collar, Ghoul Bone and Enchanted Leaves, return to
the docks and enter the third door. Speak with the dog spirit to learn the
Heal spell. Also talk to the dog to learn the word “Rat.” Return to the
train station where you got on the monorail and head down and right. Keep
moving diagonally down and right until you reach a part where there are two
paths going in that direction, a wide and a narrow one. Take the lower narrow
path to reach the cemetery. Follow the upper right path through the sewer and
stick with it until you reach the Rat Shaman, kill him while making sure to
keep Kitsune alive. If you start getting hurt then use Kitsune’s healing
spell to heal your wounds. After the Rat Shaman has been defeated his spirit
will talk to you and teach you the word “Jester Spirit.” After this approach
the body and Kitsune will talk to you. Talk to her to learn the word “Dark
Blade” then ask about Dark Blade to learn the word “Vampires.”

Return to the second area, the magic shop where you bought the potions and the
stake (you’re going to need that stake.) Speak with the shopkeeper and ask
him about the Dark Blade to get a phone number. Return to area three and head
for the club where you got Kitsune to find a phone. Before using it ask the
club manager about Vampires to learn the word “Strobes.” After this talk to
the other bartender and ask him about ‘strobes,’ he’ll give them to you. Use
the phone to call DBlade. Ask about Magic Fetish and he says he’ll leave the
gate open for you. Return to the 4-way split and take the lower right path,
then the upper right path. This leads you up to the Dark Blade hideout on the
right, now the gate should have been left open for you. Before going inside
head to the far right to find a secret weapon shop in an alley.

Don’t buy anything, especially the uzi. Just note that it’s there for future
reference. Leave the shop and go inside. Kill the super mage at the entrance
and then kill everyone in the lower right room. Grab the ‘Bronze Key’ off the
third shelf from the right. Next take out everyone in the upper left room and
use your Cyberdeck on the computer on the right. Move right and press B to
blow up the barriers then go down and get the box which has an account and
‘10,000 Nuyen’ inside. Now use your Cyberdeck on the left computer. Get all
three boxes here for some data files and such. Finally take the middle room
and after disposing of everyone in the kitchen use the Bronze Key on the gate
to get downstairs. Make your way thorugh this first area down, on the next
screen go all the way to the lower right ignoring the path leading to the
upper right to find a staircase. There’s a number of extremely difficult
enemies here but all you need to do is run up to the vampire and use the
strobe in your inventory. After that use the stake on him to force him to
talk. Ask him about Jester Spirit to learn the words “Nirwanda” and
“Bremerton.” Use the stake on him a second time and ask about Jester Spirit
to learn the word “Laughlyn.” Use the stake on him one more time to kill him
and net yourself ‘5000 Nuyen.’ Leave this place and head back to the docks.

Talk to the dog spirit to learn the Powerball spell then talk to the boat guy
and ask him about Bremerton to learn the word “Mermaids.” Head back to the
Wastelands club which is on the way to the Rust Stilettos turf and ask the
bartender about ice. Talk to the guy on the far left side and ask him about
ice, say you want it delivered and when he asks where choose the docks. Head
back to the docks and kill the orc beside the boat guy, pick up the
‘Explosives’ he drops. Talk to the guy and choose Bremerton to hire a boat.

Make your way to the upper right killing the guys as you go and climb the
stairs at the end. Head down and left, when you find a dog shoot its face off
and pick up the ‘Dog Tag.’ Use the crowbar on the last door to get it open
and go inside. Use the switch found on the wall to your left to open the door
on the lower floor. When you reach a fork take the upper left stairs and
follow this path until you reach a safe. The ‘Safe Key’ is on the body of the
Orc beside it. Use it to open the safe and get the ‘Detonator’ and ‘Broken
Bottle.’ Return to the fork and take the lower right path this time. At the
four way split take the lower right path agian. Kill the Poison Ooze then use
your Potion Bottles on the Toxic Water to pick it up. Descend to the bottom,
after the third section you’ll find a small room with many Orcs that are
practically impossible to kill. Leave this room without fighting and go up
the stairs. At the top beside the door you’ll see a switch, press it to close
the airlock door then go up one more level. Press the button to open the
water hatch. Press it again to close it, then press the button down one level
again to open the door and boom… all the Orcs have been killed.

Use the Time Bomb in your inventory to blow open the safe and get the ‘Green
Bottle’ from inside. Run all the way back to that 4-way split and take the
upper right path this time. Ignore the door and head through the next room,
there’s a green slime here. Simply use the Green bottle on it to kill the
slime. In the next room go right a the fork and the room after that, up at
the fork. There’s a switch on the wall to open the door. In the next area
use the Green Bottle to kill the slimes and press the three switches on the
left side then go through the door. Do your best to avoid the traps on the
ground and go into another dimension. Ahead of your is a Naga monster which
gives you four karma when defeated. Go around to the next screen past the
bubbles (shoot them to make them stop jumping about) and on toward the evil
jester. Run up and begin shooting, try to dodge his attacks as they hurt
quite a bit. Shoot him until he says “you were a fool to come here” then run
up as close as you can and talk to him. Ask about Laughlyn and it’s over.

Speak to the spirit again after exiting and ask about Drake to learn the word
“Volcano.” Pick up the ‘Jester Spirit’ and then head into the warp portal.
Head up at the docks and speak with the dog spirit again to learn the Summon
Spirit spell and the Invisibility spell. Leave the room and go straight down
the stairs below and pick up the ‘Mermaid Scales.’ Go back and talk to the
dog spirit to learn the Freeze spell. Now it’s time to go to Drake’s tower.
From the 4-way split take the lower right road and enter Drake’s tower.

Note that before you actually start going up or anything you might want to
return and speak to the Street Doc that fixed your bomb, he’s got some new
Cyberware, specifically the Dermal Armour which you’re probably going to want,
it increases your armour rating. Be sure to buy it before you start. Return
to Drake’s tower and kill the guy inside and use your Cyberdeck to get into
the computer. When you reach the object at the end examine it to unlock the
elevator. Go up to the second floor and defeat the four Samurai Warriors.
There are two jackable computers on this floor, find them by hovering your
icon over them to see if the word “Computer” appears. One of them will unlock
the elevator up to the next floor, the other one nets you ‘8000 Nuyen.’

Head up to the next floor, if you’re having trouble with the enemies, I like
to just cast the invisibility spell. Enemies can’t touch you, it’s pretty
cheap, especially when leveled up which doesn’t cost much karma. There are
three computers here, start with the one on the far left, then the far right,
then the middle. You may have to go back to some once you’ve unlocked others,
it’s annoying. When the elevator is unlocked keep going up. Same basic idea
applies to the next couple of floors, you can get some more money again on the
fifth floor, ‘10,000 Nuyen’ to be exact. On the six floor use your Credstick
on the phone and give Drake a call, there isn’t much you can say though.

Defeat the sentry guns on the roof and speak to the pilot, ask him about
Volcano and he’ll take you there. If you want to go back simply talk to him
again and ask about Drake. Go inside and ride down to sub-level 1. Head
down-right past the Troll Decker, and into the door closest to him. Go into
the second room here and use the computer. Next do the same thing in the room
beside this one. Afterward head right, then down at the fork all the way to
the bottom room. Inside this room don’t move, shoot the scientist before he
sets off the alarm which he always will unless you kill him. Hack into his
computer and destroy the green thing. Now you can take the upper right door
down to sub-level 2 where things just get more difficult of course.

Head left when you get off the elevator and hack into the computer in this
room. When you take thr right path be sure to kill the scientist before he
throws all his grenades. Kill the Troll Decker on the next screen and enter
the room above him, use your Cyberdeck on the computer here. After that leave
the room and follow the path, you’ll find a Sentry Gun. Make sure not to
shoot at it but rather the scientist controlling it. On the next floor make
your way to the very bottom as much as possible to find a computer that gives
you ‘25,000 Nuyen’ when you hack it. There’s alost another that gets you
‘5000 Nuyen’ and another with ‘12,000 Nuyen.’ Find the correct computer to
unlock the door at the far upper right and ride the elevator down.

Head into the large room and defeat all the enemies here. When you take the
upper right path you’ll have to fight two Naga enemies followed by a super
giga Naga with about ten bajillion HP. After it dies pick up the ‘Serpent
Scales.’ Return to the large room and take the lower right door. Follow
these winding paths through the next couple of rooms to finally reach Drake.

Drake is a large super powerful dragon, and he’s very difficult to defeat.
There are a number of different ways you can do it depending on how much MP
you have. Personally I like to cast the freeze spell, shoot like mad the
entire time then recast it the second it starts to flash. Do that over and
over and he dies. Freeze spell MUST be fully leveled. A high level summon
spirit can also deal about 30 damage, but for 20 MP it’s not THAT helpful.
Going back and getting the Armour spell from the dog spirit now that you have
the Dragon Scales is highly recommended, any of these will work however.

Go through the door and speak to the scientist. Ask him about Drake to learn
the word “Aneki.” Ask about Head Computer and then exit the chat, you’ll
automatically be back at Drake Headquarters. Head back to the inn and heal
yourself. The next destination is the Aneki Headquarters. From the shopping
area outside the train station cross the road to the upper right where the
cars are going by and head up the stairs. Kill the guy who talks to you and
head into the building. Hack into the computer on the desk to open the
elevator. Head into the upper left room and prepare for an onslaught from a
number of difficult enemies, if they totally slaughter you it’s a good
indicant you need to go and buy some new armour or something. Check the lower
right room as well and hack into the computer. Now ride the elevator up to
the third floor. On the third floor the upper room once again activates the
elevator while the lower room computer will net you ‘10,000 Nuyen’ and ‘12,000
Nuyen.’ On the fifth floor you’ll find an account with ‘50,000,’ ‘20,000,’
and ‘10,000’ Nuyen inside. After that if you don’t already have the full body
suit and 40,000 Nuyen assault rifle go back to the vampire house and get them!

In the upper left room on the fifth floor you’ll find a mess of super
difficult enemies, basically once you kill the Troll Decker you should be able
to take care of the rest. When you’re ready to end the game, use your
Cyberdeck on the thing marked AI computer. Make your way through, destroying
both the crystal things and after that, you’ve completely finished the game…

You beat the game. Good job!

Now sit back and enjoy the ending.

Starcraft II koder

Press ENTER to bring up the console. Enter the following codes for the desired effect. Warning: Entering cheat codes disables Achievements until you start a new game OR lode an earlier save.

terribleterribledamage – God Mode
moredotsmoredots – Free Units (no resources needed)
realmendrilldeep – 5,000 Gas
whysoserious – 5,000,000 Credits
jaynestown – Resources granted
tyuhasleftthegame – Disable victory conditions
sosayweall – Disable tech requirements
eyeofsauron – Open cutscene menu
iamironman – Upgrade Weapons, Armor and Shields by 1
overengineeredcodpiece – Plays the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain (Blizzard employee band) song “Terran up the Night”
hanshotfirst – Disable Ability Cooldown
stroaksmolts – 5,000 Minerals
smoldersbolds – 5,000 Minerals and Gas
ypoonsvoicemail – Disable defeat conditions
mintmansoperator – Disable food requirements
nevergiveupneversurrender – Disable defeat conditions
reversingnazaire / basestarsprimative – Fast building
fsbcomunicacion – Fast Heal
sawnoutofmemory – Fog of War disabled
cadeasygoin – Lose the current game
lyingpect – Mission Select
furabranchery – Opensthe UNN broadcast menu
wapboinkers – Research points
cmethodfeedback – Win current game
qrotero – Disable time of day
dzmhairspring – 5000 Custom resources
= – Re-enter the last cheat

StarCraft II: Lost Viking Cheat List
While playing the space shooter minigame on the Hyperian, Lost Viking, open the chat box with ENTER and enter these codes for the desired effect.

-score X – Add X number of points to score
-ADDLIFE – Add one life
-mb – Change the background
-LEVELCLEAR – Complete the current level
-ss – Display “Boss Incoming” message
sine – Display the sine of three angles: 180, 90, and pi (GEEKY!)
-BONUS – End the map
-NOQUIT – Hide the “Quit” button
-BOSS – Make the boss appear
behind – Summon a wave of enemies
-LIFE – Set number of lives to 10
-end – Play the ending cinematic
-pu – Spawn a power-up at the center of the screen

Starcraft koder

show me the money – 10,000 Minerals and Gas

breathe deep – 500 Gas

whats mine is mine – 500 Minerals

medieval man – All Research Abilities

modify the phase variance – Build Anything

ophelia – Enable Mission Select

operation cwal – Faster Building

the gathering – Free Unit Spells/Abilities

game over man – Instant Loss

there is no cow level – Instant Win

power overwhelming – Invincibility

Terran<mission number> 
– Jumps to the corresponding mission for the Human.

Protoss<mission number>
 – Jumps to the corresponding mission for the Protoss.

Zerg<mission number>
 – Jumps to the corresponding mission for the Zerg.

staying alive – Keep Playing After Mission End

food for thought – No Supply Limit

something for nothing – One Level Unit Attack and Defense Upgrade

noglues – Opponent has no psionics

radio free zerg – Play Secret Zerg Song

war aint what it used to be
 – Remove Fog of War

black sheep wall – Reveal Entire Map

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood koder

Cheat Codes

In the gameplay make sure any one of your characters is standing and point your mouse towards the kneeling icon. Press F11 and you will get the console. Type the following codes for their corresponding effects:

Code Effect
GOODLUCK Add Cloverleafs to the campaign
BINGO Gives all your characters 999 ammo
CASH Gives more money
MERRYMAN Gives you one extra merry man
IMMUNITY Gives your characters invunlerability
NUKE Kills all opponents
HADES Kills selected enemy
PAM Makes all enemies ineffective in melee combat
HIGHLANDER 2 Makes all enemies invincible
HIGHLANDER Makes all party characters invincible
GOLDENEYE Makes all party characters invisible
UNBLIP See all characters on the map
BUD SPENCER Stuns all opponents
WINNER Win the mission

Fallout 3 – Koder

player.additem base_id amount – add item to your inventory, at full health.
for instance:

player.additem CB547 1

– add Vengeance to your inventory.

Boogeyman’s Hood – 0008F775

Book: Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual (Sneak) – 00034045

Book: Dean’s Electronics (Repair) – 0003403D

Book: Pugilism Illustrated (Unarmed) – 0003403F

Book: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor (Barter) – 00034042

Book: Tumblers Today (Lockpicking) – 00034046

Deathclaw Gauntlet – 0000432B

Ghoulmask – 0001DC1C

Lucky Shades – 000CB54B

Maple’s Garb – 0005A6CA

Oasis Druid Hood – 0009B18A

Desperados 2: Cooper’s Revenge

Start the game normally. When in the game window type: arno
No confirmation will appear.

Confirmations will appear on these:
Code Effect
Ctrl + F3 Freeze all on/off
Ctrl + F4 God Mode on/off
Shift + F4 Invisibility
Ctrl + F4 More ammo (retype for even more)
Ctrl + F12 Win current mission
Shift + F10 X / Y position of the pointer

Rädslan för spelvåld är överdriven

I går (14 Maj, 2008) skrev Anders Bergsten (kd) att det populära spelet Grand Theft Auto 4 borde förbjudas då det innehåller våld.
Orvar Säfström, programledare och kulturskribent, skriver i dag att det inte finns anledning till oro.
Det är varken Grand Theft Auto, Marilyn Manson eller “Sopranos” som får människor att bruka våld mot varandra på Sveriges gator. Rådande samhällsordning kommer inte att rubbas av GTA:s försäljningsrekord, skriver Säfström.

Kristdemokraten Anders Bergsten konstaterar i sin debattartikel i gårdagens Expressen att spelet Grand Theft Auto 4 sålts i rekordsiffror den första veckan sedan spelet släpptes. Nu fruktar han en våldsvåg där avtrubbade ungdomar (spelet bedöms ha samma effekt som koncentrationsläger eller tortyrkammare) slår ihjäl varandra till höger och vänster på svenska gator. Jag har den stora glädjen att kunna komma med lugnande besked till Bergsten. Jorden kommer att fortsätta snurra och vår rådande samhällsordning kommer med största sannolikhet inte att rubbas nämnvärt av detta försäljningsrekord.
Jag tänker över huvud taget inte gå in på huruvida Grand Theft Auto 4 är ett bra spel eller inte. Jag kan inte tänka mig något värre än ett samhälle där “god” kultur får utmana medan “dålig” kultur förbjuds och tystas. Om skapare av film, böcker och musik njuter privilegiet att få uttrycka sig fritt i vårt samhälle, varför skulle detta inte gälla i spelens värld? Inte heller tänker jag lista alla de uppmärksammade positiva effekter spelandet har på oss som utöver det. En kulturforms existensberättigande ligger inte i dess nyttoaspekter.

Bergsten frågar sig varför frågan om våld i spel inte debatteras mer i Sverige. Sanningen är att vi haft den debatten, och kommit vidare. Spel är i dag en självklar del av det svenska kulturutbudet. Jag har själv pratat spel på Bok & Biblioteksmässan i Göteborg, diskuterat spelkultur i riksdagshuset (arr Fp) och assisterat vår kulturminister då hon på den årliga Spelgalan delade ut pris till årets bästa svenska spel. Ett erkännande för oss som älskar spel. Ett tecken på domedagens ankomst för förbudsivrare och skeptiker.
Bergsten verkar åtminstone inte sakna självinsikt. Han skriver själv att hans inlägg ligger nära moralpanik. Det är en korrekt iakttagelse. Fakta, forskning och argument brukar inte tilltala den som drabbats av moralpanik. Varför bry sig om verkligheten när magkänsla, anständighetskrav och egensnickrade slutsatser är så mycket mer bekväma?
Han nämner själv att varken kulturdepartementet och Medierådet stöder hans teorier, utan tvärtom menar att dessa bygger på okunnighet. Men det rör inte Bergsten i ryggen. “Så är det naturligtvis inte” menar han och radar upp en mängd påståenden utan källhänvisning.

För den som letar finns naturligtvis forskning som visar att våldsamma spel gör spelaren våldsam. Det finns samtidigt minst lika många undersökningar som visar på motsatsen. Ett lästips (till Bergsten och andra som är intresserade av hur barn påverkas av våldsamma spel) är boken “Grand Theft Childhood” av dr Lawrence Kutner och dr Cheryl Olson. De tillhör bägge den psykologiska fakulteten vid Harvard och har skrivit flera böcker om barnpsykologi. Kutner och Olson avfärdar i stort sett alla de myter om spel och våld Bergsten framför. På hemsidan www.grandtheftchildhood.com kan man också läsa att amerikanska Secret Service gjort en djupgående studie av alla stora skolskjutningar i landet sedan 1974. Endast 12,5 procent (en åttondel) av gärningsmännen var intresserade av spel. I klarspråk betyder det att denna grupp individer ligger kraftigt under genomsnittet vad gäller spelintresse. Däremot blir spelen – för stora delar av den vuxna allmänheten något suspekt och lite hotfullt – en faktor då medier och skadeståndstörstande advokater försöker piska upp stämningen efter dessa dåd. Efter morden vid Virginia Tech spreds snabbt ett rykte om att förövaren var aktiv spelare. Det visade sig vara helt ogrundat. I stället var han mycket intresserad av amatörteater. Men kanske vill Bergsten införa ett förbud även mot Molière?
Bergsten menar att blotta risken att någon kanske skulle kunna komma att råka illa ut i samband med att någon spelat ett spel är tillräcklig orsak att förbjuda spel. Hans tes är att ett totalförbud rättfärdigas om “vi räddar livet på en enda ung människa”. En hedervärd vädjan, men förutom svårigheterna att bedöma om ett förbud verkligen räddat någon saknar den grund i tillgänglig fakta och statistik. Å andra sidan borde vi i linje med Bergströms logik för att förhindra eventuella dödsfall i framtiden omedelbart förbjuda politik (Palmemordet), kristendom (Knutby) och fiske (nästan 50 svenskar har redan drunknat i år).

Bergsten efterfrågar en reglering av spelutbudet, och även här har jag glädjande nyheter. Det existerar redan ett tydligt regelverk. PEGI-märkningen, som används i de flesta EU-länder graderar spel inte bara efter rekommenderad ålder utan även efter innehåll. Alla spel är tydligt märkta, vilket gör det lätt att undvika den delmängd som innehåller våld, sex eller svordomar. Kände han till dessa båda faktorer skulle han själv kunna dra slutsatsen att Grand Theft Auto 4 är ett vuxenspel som rekommenderas från 18 år. Spel är ju – tvärtemot vad Bergsten med många andra tror – inte främst en barn- och ungdomsföreteelse. Genomsnittsåldern på spelare ligger beroende på hur man räknar någonstans runt 30-strecket.
Kanske är det så enkelt att dataspel är något nytt och för många främmande. Visserligen skapades det första spelet redan 1958 men jämfört med litteratur, teater och till och med film är detta en färsk kulturform. Och Bergsten verkar i alla fall tycka att det var bättre förr. Men ondska och våld har funnits sedan vi klev ned från träden (om man nu tror på sådana konstiga vetenskapsteorier) och Masada, inkvisitionen och Auschwitz utfördes inte efter långa kvällspass med Grand Theft Auto eller ens de första datorprototyper som med lite god vilja kan ses som förfäder till dagens spelmaskiner. På en punkt har Bergsten rätt. Anmälningar av oprovocerat gatuvåld ökar i Sverige. Antagandet att detta främst beror på våldsamma spel finns dock inga belägg för, enligt Brottsförebyggande rådet.

Var ligger då skulden för vårt allt råare samhällsklimat? För att återvända till det sorgliga ämnet skolskjutningar kan jag rekommendera Michael Moores prisbelönta dokumentär “Bowling for Columbine”. I den presenterar Moore ett slags svar då han försöker utröna varför Kanada, ett land som delar USAs passion för våldsfilm, rockmusik, tv-spel och vapen inte har en till närmelsevis lika hög våldsbrottsstatistik. Den skillnad han finner mellan de bägge länderna är att rädslan i USA används som propaganda. Amerikanska medier och politiska krafter piskar upp en hotfull stämning där fienden finns överallt, och där individens rättigheter kan offras för att hålla “de onda” i schack.
Det är varken Grand Theft Auto, Marilyn Manson eller “Sopranos” som får människor att bruka våld mot varandra på Sveriges gator. Som Michael Moore tror jag att det är rädslan och föraktet för det avvikande som gör det. Att i stället för att möta det nya och främmande med öppenhet och nyfikenhet instinktivt reagera med misstänksamhet och panik. Vilket av dessa beteenden Bergsten debattinlägg ger uttryck för bedömer han nog bäst själv.

Programledare och kulturskribent
Orvar Säfström har varit aktiv tv-spelare i 30 år och har fortfarande inte slagit ihjäl någon.