Plain and simple, your generation is the purity of your blood, and your proximity to the First Vampire. A high Generation rating may represent a powerful sire or a decidedly dangerous taste for diablerie.

If you want to try to model Generation using these pre-alpha rules, a suggestion is given below. Note that this is an untested addition to the previous playtest, so proceed at your own risk. Numbers are probably skewed. Unforeseen consequences are sure to abound. You have been warned. According to the table below, each Generation is given a level of Blood Potency, representing the concentration of Antediluvian power coursing in the veins of said Kindred. It has three effects on gameplay: 1 – When checking for Hunger increase (either at scene end, when initiating feeding or when five rouses have been made), subtract dice from the test pool equal to the Blood Potency of the Vampire. Remember that no dice pool can fall below one, though. In this way, vampires of lower generation will not grow hungry as fast as those of weaker blood.

Example: Brigit is an 8th Generation vampire (Blood Potency of 1) and has made four Rouses in a Scene. At Scene end she would usually roll four dice to see if her Hunger increases, but her Blood Potency allows her to subtract one dice from that pool, making her roll only three dice.

2 – When Compulsions occur, add the Blood Potency value to the roll on the Compulsion table.
3 – When feeding, subtract Blood Potency from the amount of Hunger lost.

Generation  –  Blood Potency
13-10 – 0
9-7 – 1
6-5 – 2
4 – 3